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Friday, December 06, 2013

Ancient Airplane Flies again!

Ancient Space Vehicle re-make.

Published on Jul 10, 2012
* Please read. My video was removed due to inappropriate content 2 years ago, so here it is again, with some Modern Day UFOs too. I did not know my Ancient Mayan Space Vehicle video was removed 2 years ago, till I went looking for it after folks started asking to see it fly again. So I remade it, and have posted it again.

Inspired by the book Chariot of the Gods by Erich von Daniken and the History Channel's recent airing of shows about USO's, UFO's and Ancient Aliens, I became intrigued with one of the gold figurines that look like aircraft from the Mayan Culture. I wanted to see if I could make a scaled up replica and try to fly it. The Mayans were a mysterious people who had retreated deep into the rain forests of southern Mexico and Guatemala after the Spanish first arrived in the Yucatán in 1511. How could they dream up flying vehicles?

There are 5 figurines of airplanes found that are now owned by the State Bank of Bogota, Columbia.
Replicas were rumored to have once been offered for sale in the gift shop of a local museum until the stunning but obvious airplane connection was made, when they were quietly withdrawn.
Despite the classic Maya smiling serpent god heads, and the uncanny resemblance to modern airplanes, some mainstream archaeologists claim the tiny models are of insects, not of delta winged airplanes.
There are said to be many types of such airplane configurations, but only five are presented here in the video.
There is no insect cult well-known with South American Indiovoelkern that resembles these gold planes.
Besides, insects were never represented in gold.

There are several types of animals which fly—birds, insects, and several mammals, such as bats and some gliders, for instance flying squirrels, opossums, and then there are some lizards; there are also some fish which for brief periods glide through the air. There are water animals which seem to fly through the water, such as rays, skates and some selachians.

But how does the depicted object compare with these choices? All its features taken into a consideration, we have no match in any of our animals.

Seen from above, the object obviously has no fish features, but seems to show rather explicitly mechanistic ones.
According to conventional science, neither the Inca's nor the Maya or any other pre-Columbian society had the wheel.

Easter Island is another amazing wonder with Figurines so heavy and tall, no one knows exactly how they got there.
It has since been found that those heads, actually have bodies buried underneath them.

Then there are the runway lines at Nasca and figures drawn on the Earth that can only be seen from above while flying over.

Beyond all those interesting places, as you can see my model Ancient Aircraft flew.

It actually flew very well, fast or slow. Did the holes on the leading edge give it the tremendous lift? I dunno, but I do know it works.

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Dave Herbert.
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