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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Shocking Truth ~ Breakdown Unavoidable

Published on Nov 2, 2012

  • I want to scream when I hear some reporter using the word 'Recovery'...
    If the stock market goes up 10 points, they smile and tell us that this is a recovery..
    They can't possibly be that stupid! The viewers who listen to them...must be.
    I voted for the guy who might have a chance to dig us out of the ashes of this dying economic system...and it ain't Obama!
    I'm hoping for a 'controlled carsh'...but I doubt it.
    We must get back to our founding principles...after the default.

  • MrGchiasson
    I rarely watch the MSM news-stooges anymore.
    I can't stand to watch Chris Matthes or Ed Schultz drool and ramble...
    with their pathetic, infantile diatribes.
    ** You're right about the hurricane Sandy aftermath. They had a full week notice to prepare. Very few did.
    We've seen looting, robbery, assault, rape...people in darkness.
    It is disgusting to see how pathetic FEMA really is.
    Why not 'air-drop' supplies in for N.J.?
    I can't imagine nationwide collapse of everything!

that cpl thousand you were hoping watch this vid Charlie is actually 21000 . We're all hearing you bro

  • ... that's why, if you're a prepper, keep your mouth shut! Be done trying to tell people anything.
  • von vich
    remember " circumstances dont matter,your state of mind matter".



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