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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Headlines-TSA, Syria,Petraeus,Federal Checkpoints,

F.B.I. Knew of Petraeus Affair in the Summer

WASHINGTON — High-level officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department were notified in the late summer that F.B.I. agents had uncovered what appeared to be an extramarital affair involving the director of the Central Intelligence AgencyDavid H. Petraeus, government officials said Sunday.

Per comment :
See Paula Broadwell's 'Wink'' in interview video  .By 
CBS NEWS/ March 2, 2012, 3:56 PM

"All In: The Education of General 

  • B Haas
  • San Francisco
If you watch Jeff Glor's book interview (CBS), you can see a "WINK" when she talks about the mentors Mr. Petraeus had had and that he also had HER (sometimes subordinates) "as a mentor".

She gave away the affair long time ago for astute observers of the interview with an evident wink?

    David Petraeus," by Paula Broadwell

    Bloomberg banned food donations to homeless shelters 

    Rats Jumping Ship: High Profile Gangsters Leaving Obama

    Boehner Tells House G.O.P. to Fall in Line 

    UK forcing Palestinians to drop UN bid
    British government is pressuring the Palestinian Authority (PA) to abandon its efforts for a non-member status in the United Nations 
    Airports Are a Pandemic's Best Friend 
    Hummingbirds Are Popping Up in the Strangest Places 
    Drivers Questioned On Guns At Federal Checkpoint
    Vehicles searched for empty bullet rounds.

    Neither Hillary Clinton Nor David Petraeus Will Testify At Benghazi HearingsToday, Congress embarks upon a week of hearings and in order to determine what actually occurred in the September 11 attacks on Benghazi. However, it appears that two of the most important and knowledgeable sources will not be testifying.

    UK troops 'may be sent to Syrian borders' 
    Britain could intervene in Syria within months - top UK general New Jersey: Old General Motors Plant Being Converted to an Active FEMA Camp Now
    Intel Hub - According to local reports, near the Linden Airport north of Woodbridge a massive FEMA camp is being constructed in plain sight as military guards and officials downplay the activity as normal. Inside the camps perimeter there are water tanker trucks, tents, building supplies, and portable shower/sanitation facilities causing concern to say the least. It was reported by the Woodbridge Patch that a few of the guards admitted the new construction on the site was indeed a FEMA project.

    Obama readies more Iran sanctions 
    220 marijuana cases dismissed in King, Pierce counties
    Seattle Times - King and Pierce County prosecutors are dismissing more than 220 misdemeanor marijuana cases in response to Tuesday’s vote to decriminalize small amounts of pot....

    Airport screeners ratify first-ever union contract with TSA - The nation’s 44,000 newly unionized airport screeners have ratified their first-ever collective bargaining agreement, giving them more say in what they wear on the job, the shifts they work and the time off they take, whether they can change from part-time to full-time work or back, their union announced today.

    Illinois County Looks to Balance Budget Through Gun Tax 

    Vote fraud: who destroyed Prop 37 on election night?
    (NaturalNews) Yesterday, by consulting four of the 57 county registrars in the state, I found 1.6 million votes still unprocessed.

    Anger mounts as over 100,000 remain without power post-Sandy 
    7 Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Home
    Dr. Mercola - When it comes to cancer, you probably want to do what you can to avoid it. But how do you do that when it seems like everything around you poses a cancer risk? Here are seven important steps to removing the most obvious cancer risks from your home.

    Ben Swann explains who funded SOPA and PIPA internet piracy bills
    Ben Swann Reality Check explains the money trail behind SOPA and PIPA and why the national media won't talk about these bills.White House website deluged with secession petitions from 20 statesDaily Caller | How would Old Glory look with 30 stars instead of 50?

    Huge fluoride victory in Wichita: Voters say no to the water supply chemical additive
    Natural News | Regular readers know that Natural News has been closely watching a situation in Portland, Ore., where city officials are pushing to add dangerous fluoride to the water.

    Washington County Bans Growing of GMOs
    One county in Washington state was massively successful in establishing a landmark ruling against Monsanto and GMO crops as a whole.

    Camp FEMA Update: “We Feel Like We’re In a Concentration Camp”
    No one is allowed to go anywhere without showing their I.D. Even to use the bathroom, “you have to show your badge,” said Amber Decamp…with security guards at every door, including the showers…“They treat us like we’re prisoners,” says Ashley Sabol, 21, of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. “It’s bad to say, but we honestly feel like we’re in a concentration camp.“

    Lindsey Graham: We Need Watergate-Type Committee to Investigate Benghazi; Petraeus Must Testify
    CNS News | Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Sunday that Congress should form a new special committee.

    Bilderberg Discuss Economic Trends and What Will Be Happening” – Pataki
    Luke Rudkowski gets another chance to talk to former Governor of NY, George Pataki about his participation with the secretive and elusive Bilderberg group.

    Chinese Gold Imports Surge In September, YTD Total Surpasses Official Indian Holdings
    China’s gross imports in just 2012 are nominally the equivalent of Top 10 largest sovereign holder of gold.

    Man arrested for posting image of burning poppy on Twitter
    A man has been arrested for posting an image of a burning poppy on a social network site.
    Tom Williams, tweeting as @tomwilliamsisme, wrote: ''The scary thing is, the man wasn't arrested for burning a poppy - that's not illegal. He was arrested for putting it online.'' 
    Top-secret, deadly chemical tests done in St. Louis during the Cold War by Army prove deadly years later
    secret chemical tests performed on American citizens in St. Louis during the 1950s,

    Egypt’s Christians fear ‘a season of blood’ Deadly Indiana blast puzzles officials and residents U.S. Drought Worsening, Wheat Crop Suffering Woman Describes Shocking Sexual Abuse At Hands of TSA

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