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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes=Earth Changes

A 5.2 Magnitude Earthquake Has Just Hit Sakhalin, Russia 

and a 3.0 in Searles Valley, California

Sakhalin, Russia – An earthquake hit the area just South-West of Sakhalin, Russia a few minutes ago. Almost everyone feels movement. The quakesmagnitude was approximately 5.2,According to U.S. Geological Survey.
You should know that earthquake that hit close or on land will cause sleeping people are awakened, doors swing open or close,dishes are broken, pictures on the wall move, small objects move or are turned over, Trees might shake, and liquids might spill out of open containers.
The 5.2 earthquake hit 282km SSW of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia. Nov 28 00:42 at epicenter (21m ago, depth 38km)
Preliminary Earthquake Report in. … Location: 283.1 km (175.91 miles) SW of Severo-Kuril’sk, Sakhalin, Russia … The potential impact of the earthquake
As this report was being fashioned a 3.0 quake hit 11km E of Searles Valley, California. Though we don’t usually report on quakes below magnitude 5.0, if a quake below that margin is detected while we’re engaged in producing a report, the aggregate of seismic activity within the scope of this report will be reported.
So far there have been 41 earthquakes detected today, 212 earthquakes in the past 7 days, 957 earthquakes in the past month and 17,413 earthquakes in the past year.

"LAST UPDATED: NOVEMBER 25, 2012 11:38 AM:
Adapted from:
Earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes - Oh my: Coming to terms with natural disasters   Storms on steroids

Leah Scheitel — The Capilano Courier (Capilano University)

 - Oh my: Coming to terms with natural disasters - CUP Newswire

Kira Campbell / Capilano Courier

NORTH VANCOUVER (CUP) — With the recent earthquakes on the West Coast and superstorms in the east, the world is starting to look like the set of an apocalyptic Steven Spielberg movie. While climate change may be one of the major culprits behind the increase of hurricanes and tropical storms, it has no effect on earthquakes and volcanoes, or disasters made by the earth rather than the atmosphere.

Even though hurricanes are unrelated to earthquakes, and Vancouver’s potential for natural disasters is totally different than New York’s, witnessing disaster in another urban centre can be alarming nonetheless. If such a big, powerful city that personifies modern urbanity can be the site of such ruin, how might the rest of the world look when the plates are shifting under our feet? Taken together with the recent coastal earthquakes, these catastrophes have people wondering what the cause is, if they’ll become more frequent, and how they might change what our urban futures look like.

Quake headache
Monitoring earthquakes proves to be much more difficult than monitoring storm systems and hurricanes. Because of how the guts of the earth move and shift to cause the earthquakes, science has yet to find a way to successfully predict the phenomenon.
“Climate change, hurricanes… earthquakes, and volcanoes are energized by different sources. So the climate [and] things like hurricanes, all that has to do ultimately with energy that comes from the sun,” explains Michael Bostock, a professor and earthquake seismologist at UBC. “Earthquakes and volcanoes are generated through energy that come from deep in the earth that basically is the residual heat from Earth’s early formation.”
Climate change has nothing to do with the movement of the earth or the shifting of the plate tectonics that cause the earthquakes. And because the shifting happens under the earth’s surface, it makes it difficult for scientists to know what’s happening, and to warn people about potential earthquakes.
“At the present time, the best we can do is forecast. There is a difference between prediction and forecasting. Forecasting is sort of a longer-term thing and we can use our knowledge of seismicity in the past to say something about how likely the occurrence of earthquakes is going to be into the future.
“But predicting things into the daily or weekly basis is going to be very difficult. And the main reason is that it’s very hard to. Unlike the atmosphere, which we can probe easily with satellites … which allows us to predict weather a week in advance, the earth is much harder to penetrate for obvious reasons … So the prospect for being able to predict earthquakes, at least in the short term, is not very good.”
Not being able to effectively predict earthquakes can be detrimental to a community, as seen recently with the 7.7 earthquake that shook Haida Gwaii, B.C. in October.
“There was no warning before the quake hit,” says Cherie Kalhofer, who lives in nearby Masset. “It was kind of wild – it felt like the room was swaying around, just like the plates below us in the ocean below us are said to do during an earthquake.”

Click here to read the original article by the Capilano Courier."

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