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Friday, August 11, 2006

Re: URGENT Karonga's request - Dean, awaiting your response.

Dear Karonga,
Thank you for your prayers.  I do believe in prayers and light hearted banter between friends and am so ingratiated to have an opportunity to have a prayerful new friend and one who will help us all become very wealthy and, better, wise.
I am forwarding your request to Mr. Wu Zu Fu Zoto as he is the one who will assist us. (Please do not reveal his cover name of Dean M. as we must remain incognito) It will be entirely up to him to reveal his social security number, mother's maiden name, Paypal password, bank accounts numbers, home and business addresses, private telephone numbers and other confidential information. He has many.  Please don't entertain other thoughts toward publicity. You must understand that he must remain very discrete and discertaining as he has recently become very rich due to winning the Nazionale Lotteria of Germany of several million euros.  He was already wealthy, and needs to dispose of some of these riches to worthy causes for tax dodgers.  We have agreed to split the proceeds from your proposal 30/40 with 40 percent going to him and 30 to me. His 40 percent he will most likely donate to overprivatized children who need less.  He will be able to fly over with some funds derived from that vast downfall. Would you prefer dollars or euros?  Of course, matters being as they are at present, the funds cannot be in liquid form due to national security.  He has ways of surrounding that problem, though. Most likely by instinct - electro-magnetic transfers.
He has been looking for suspicious investment opportunities such as yours in order to fritter away the huge amount of monies he recently received. Your proposal looks very auspicious and one to be worthy of consent.  He believes his luck will  continue with your endeavor, and is anxious to send you some of the proceeds, a large sum to cover the expenses involved in collecting an even larger sum of money.
I am remaining in serious and sincere constraint, and continuing in prayer also for your family.
D. Ling Aling Rohester

karonga zungu <> wrote:

  Dear Dee Rohe,
                How are you and your family? i pray for God to bless us all so we can have a good relationship with each other,so things can get better.i have been waiting for ur response to my last mail and i am still requesting for you to assist me in this transaction.there is no risk involved so you have nothing to worry about,i await your response so we can proceed with this transaction.

          Karonga  Zungu.

Be Joyful always, give Thanks in all circumstances

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