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Friday, August 25, 2006


Last week, a couple of my sisters and my brother-in-law, Captain Tony, came to visit us and we really, really enjoyed their company - except it was too short.  I got to make a real breakfast.. you know, like bacon and eggs and toast. Even if it was a healthy no cholesterol Eggstirs scramble, sugar-free blackberry jam, Carb Countdown milk beverage, Starbucks coffee (courtesy of Captain Tony), low carb multi-grain Arnold's bread, "I-can't-believe-it's-not-Butter" fat-free spray.  yum yum. It all tasted so real.  Well, I am so used to breakfast protein shakes with greens, fibers, and purple berry juices that I wouldn't remember the difference.
My sister noticed a lot of paper towels drying on the rack above the dryer, and inquired why were 'those used paper towels' there?  I told her it was for my husband's coffee enemas, (aka, Gershwon therapy he's a licensed colonic therapist) otherwise we'd pay a fortune in new paper towels..   She said 'Ewwwwww!!'  and there were a lot of giggles in the group. 
Then she wanted to know what those white things were in my Fuller Brush Mop shoes (I wear them around the house - they're comfy and clean the floors, as we take off our outside shoes at the front door)  I told her they were panty liners (size large) ... She said, "Ewwwwww!!!!!!"  (Hey, these are NOT used! ) Also I told her the sticky side is very good for picking up lint and other stuff -- after you use them (in the mops, of course).  And Captain Tony also noted they would be good for removing lint off of gentlemen's dark suits.  Bless him.  He got a lot of giggles. We love his sense of humour.
Speaking of mops.. I remember when we first moved to Miami in 1956 we lived in an apartment behind an elderly lady's house, an immigrant from Germany.  "Chermany" as she pronounced.  Mrs. Borschell once proudly showed my mother how she had come up with a wonderful way of cleaning her refrigerator with her mop.  Mom said, "Ewwwwww!"  Not to her face, but when she told us kids about it.    Once Mrs. Borschell brought over some potato pancakes she had made for us... but we couldn't eat them because, Ewwwwwww... we had spied her (We kids were always spying on her) through the window making them and the sweat was dripping off her brow... right into those 'tater pancakes.  No air conditioning in Miami in those days.
Now that I'll be around Mrs. Borchell's age in about 30 or so years, and when my back is hurting, I think I'll get myself a really nice clean fluffy mop devoted strictly to refrigerator cleaning.  When my mom comes over to visit, I'll show her and await her 'Ewwwwwww'....

Captain Tony knows how to get rid of BELLY FAT
DrDee knows how to put it on.
(See Twinkies)

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