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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beverly Hill-Miller - Hilarious political radio ad

Help me air my new Radio ad!


[Bluegrass banjo music starts]

Your congressman Brad Miller is giving away all your tax dollars to these illegal aliens. Vernon Robinson thinks that's wrong, and Robinson for Congress paid for this message.

[male voice singing]

"Come and hear me tell about a politician named Brad.

He gave illegal aliens everthang we had.

Gave 'em Social Security and Drivers' Licenses, too.

Free health care, free lawyers, free lunch at the school."

"Well, the next thing you know ol' Brad's a Congressman,

With all the sneaky aliens eatin' from his hand.

'Sugar Daddy Miller's' what they call him in D.C.

"Givin' them the taxes he stole from you and me."

[Candidate speaks.]

"I'm Vernon Robinson, and I approved this message. If you send me to Congress, I'll secure the borders, stop the handouts, and protect your jobs.

[male voice singing]

"Well, now it's time to say goodbye to Brad in Washington.

And 14 million aliens he's given so much fun.

You're not invited back unless you come here legally,

Because you took advantage of our hospitality."

[spoken over banjo instrumental trailer]

"Hey, all you illegals! Put yer shoes on. Go home! Don't come back now, ya hear?"

Paid for by Robinson for Congress |
P.O. Box 272 | Winston-Salem, NC | 27102 | (336) 499-4370

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