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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kate by the Volcano's prophetic dream..

Thanks Larry, for this!
Dear Larry,
This may interest you as it really took me off guard.  I was injured weeks ago and had been taking some pain meds at night which seemed to block my dreams.
Last night was the first night with out them and I prayed hard before my sleep asking the lord to give me some new insight as I have been feeling an unusual need to prepare for the worst as of late.
I went to sleep and god answered my prayers.  In my dream I was lost in the mountains and came upon a resort.  Many were drinking, using foul language and pawing on each other.  I tried to separate myself from them to another area which was a balcony.  On the balcony was another woman and some children.  Soon a black swirling cloud came up on the sky much like they do for tornado's.  We kept saying that it couldn't be a tornado since we were in the mountains, at that moment lightning began to come  out of the clouds and the wind picked up ferociously. We held the children close and then men came onto the deck and tried to pull us away from the children.  These were not good men and we fought them back and maintained our hold on the children.  She and I became afraid as we realized the wind was stronger than we were and a tornado began to develop out of the clouds.  I cried out "no Lord, please no" at that very moment the clouds opened giving way to a hole of light in the middle.
everything around the hole was still in turmoil and then a flash that read Psalm 58 appeared and then went away quickly.  The woman and I did not know what it meant and just gathered the children back up into our grip and into a circle.  A calm came over me and I knew we would be fine.  We were fine, but the many others that were wicked around us were either sucked up into the clouds, hit by lightning or crushed by debris.  Then I awoke and immediately grabbed my bible.  I was amazed at what I read in Psalm 58.  It left me with the impression that it is time to prepare and to put full faith in our God not in the words of man or men.  I felt compelled to send this to you, do with as you want I just felt I needed to pass it on.
As you know I have had many dreams that I felt were prophetic, but this is the first that I have ever been given that gave me directions to biblical  words.  I think this was a profound change and I believe we will soon see the same.
Your friend in faith,
Katie by the Volcano

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