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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Heavy Rains, Flooding leave 4 Dead in Honduras

1, 500 others forced from their homes - croplands damaged.

Flooding in Honduras leaves 4 dead

2 hours, 13 minutes ago
Floods caused by heavy rains have left four people dead, forced 1,500 others from their homes and caused more than $8 million in damage to Honduran croplands, officials said Thursday.
Two people drowned in the northern province of Cortes along the Caribbean coast, and two others drowned in western Intibuca province, said Juan Carlos Elvir of the Emergency Response Commission.
Flooding caused by downpours during the past three weeks has damaged more than 300 homes and forced 1,500 people to seek refuge in government-run shelters, Elvir said.
Meanwhile, bridges have been wiped out in some villages, leaving at least 5,000 residents stranded, Elvir said.
Flooding also damaged 5,200 acres of farmland, causing more than $8 million in damages.
Forecasters were calling for more rain over the next few days.
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