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Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is chapter nine in the book No Time for Karma, stepping off the wheel of pain and struggle.
When I was a boy, my dad had a large poster in his office. The poster depicted the history of man in charts and graphs. The thing I remember about this poster was the chart showing the wars. It showed that mankind had been at war somewhere on the planet over 99% of recorded history.
As our world slowly moves through the great cycle of the ages, war dominates eleven of the twelve ages. War takes the form of tribes killing tribes and nations killing nations. But war rages on other levels too. We argue with neighbors and families. We let greed mold our behavior with our competitors. We exist in a state that is always prepared to fend off an attack.
If you think about it, conflict dominates this planet because we fail to recognize that we are one with all other beings. Belief systems tell us that in order to survive and prosper we must take care of ourselves at the expense of any other group.
It is the time in the cycle of the ages when we discover our connection with all life.
It is a time when, from one perspective, we can?t believe the inhabitants of this planet don?t seem to have learned a thing. They still elect their governments based on fear and a need to maintain armies. They still spend more time discussing poverty and hunger and disease than they do feeding people. The newspapers still print only the shocking and horrible stories.
From another perspective, there are more people attempting to help than at any time in our history. Every spiritual movement, conventional and unconventional, has come out of the closet to allow interested folks to inspect it and get involved if they desire.
Let me reiterate at this point some of the cosmic truths we have already discussed. 
  • Everything is OK just the way it is.
  • There is nothing to fix on this planet.
  • There is a difference between fixing and healing.
  • The Universe which established this Earth School has made no mistakes.
  • All people are learning exactly what they enrolled to learn.
  • What is happening on this planet is perfect and it stinks.
  • It is perfect from an educational perspective.
  • No permanent harm is being done.
  • It stinks from a human perspective.
  • The fact that it stinks doesn't make it wrong.
  • The Buddha told us the way to become free of fear and conflict is to wake up.
  • Our desire to heal ourselves and mankind is divinely inspired.
  • Our desire to fix things comes from our belief that the Universe allows injustice and abuse.
  • It doesn't.
How can we get verification that any of this is true? After all, it flies in the face of reason.
As we prepare to end our own cycle of death and rebirth and regain our infinite freedom, we need signs to inspire us and to assure us that we are making progress. Signs are everywhere. But to see them we must have focus. We must want enlightenment more than we want a breath of air. We must be willing to abandon the values and beliefs and traditions that have been sacred to us for millions of years. We must learn to think like God.
If we look with new eyes, what can we see?
Things that anyone can see, though they may miss the significance, are technological advances that tell us the world is becoming integrated. Think back one hundred years. The world was a big place and most people were unaware of other cultures than their own. Today satellites and the Internet and television make us aware of any other culture we want to learn about. Travel today allows us to see first hand that no matter where we go on this planet they are like us. Anywhere we go on this planet women are talking about children and relationships and budgets and new found personal opportunities. Anywhere we go on this planet men are talking about their work and sports and how women aren't the same as they were a few generations back. Anywhere we go we find people who talk about the same things we talk about. And they fear the same things we fear.
It would seem obvious that we are learning about each other. This is the first step to seeing that we are all one.
To those who are dedicated to breaking the limitations of physical reality, more signs are obvious. Healings are happening everywhere. Transcendental states of mind and body are getting noticed and discussed. Crop circles are big news.
 Crop Circles and other "Magical Manifestations"
What do crop circles and other "magical manifestations" tell us?
It doesn?t matter if the crop circles are created by "extraterrestrials" or by plant life that is attuned to a higher intelligence, or something else. What they tell us is ?intelligence? and its ability to communicate with us is a fact of life.
There is nothing in the Universe that does not contain intelligence. All intelligence is connected. Any manifestation of intelligence is capable of assisting other manifestations of intelligence. It is not only we humans who can assist forests and animals by focusing our enlightened thoughts on them, but the animals, plants, rocks, icons, and other forms of intelligence assist us by connecting our minds with their understanding of the nature of the universe.
Thoughts held in one person?s mind affect the awareness of all minds in this telepathic pool. Crop circles and other manifestations cause many people to hold magical thoughts in mind and therefore alter the course of mankind.
UFOs are popular subjects in many countries. Do UFOs represent the arrival of advanced civilizations that will bail us out of our predicaments? I doubt it. UFOs come in many varieties. Some are technically advanced with out much spiritual insight. Some represent civilizations that have a bit of spiritual understanding.  If the occupants of the UFOs were awakened ones they wouldn't need UFOs to get around.
However, we as humans realize that we can assist others even though we aren't yet "enlightened". Some of the non-terrestrial civilizations also realize they can be of assistance.
Providing the prime directive is not ignored, they may be able to help us clean up our environment and be of assistance in other ways. But we will need to ask them for help before they can interfere in our world.
Make Your Own Predictions
So if manifestations of many kinds and transcendental states of mind are becoming normal, what does that tell us about our future?
When you sit comfortably and take a deep breath and go within to view the future you will receive information about things personal and things effecting the whole planet. Here are some of the things I see. 
The new age is dawning. The transition takes a while. However many significant changes are happening quickly and will aid us in believing life is not a mistake. 
The chronological period set aside for the last grade in the school, up to and including the graduation ceremonies, is the years from 2000 AD to 5000 AD. This is nothing new. The last Aquarian age was used for exactly the same purpose. We don't have recorded history of the last Aquarian age but we have the mythology preserved rather accurately for us. The Aquarian age is always the Garden of Eden. It is the interface between a life with no vision and a life of great vision. For the next two thousand years or so life on Earth gradually becomes more and more Eden like, more and more heaven like. And then the snake will return to the garden and tempt mankind with the knowledge of good and evil (duality). 
In his book Far Journeys, Robert Monroe sees a picture of earth in the year 3000 which very closely resembles what I see. Taking an out-of-body trip through time, Bob comes across a scene on this very planet, showing no asphalt or pavement of any kind, no pollution, only lush tropical beauty. And folks commuting in the out-of-body state instead of in cars. He finds no borders, no police, and no politics. People who understand that we are all one don?t need protection from each other. 
The state of existence that the earth now recognizes as average has been going on, uninterrupted, for the last eleven astrological ages, something like twenty six thousand years. That state of existence is intentional, it is not out of control, it is not an accident. It is a school. It is a school in which no permanent harm is allowed, and there comes a time in which even the slowest student graduates from school. 
The three special limitations, which are placed on unlimited reality in order to facilitate the expediency of this school, are time, space, and duality. We already have irrefutable evidence that all three of these limitations are being rescinded. We (society) are overcoming our beliefs in separation and judgment (duality). Our technology is overcoming our belief in space (distance). Just a few decades ago folks were taking months to cross the country in covered wagons, and the moon was green cheese. Our technology does preserve the past and it makes instant communication all over the world common place. We may think the awakening of the world is occurring at a snails pace, but compared to its historical pace it is occurring at break neck speed. 

Predictions of Apocalyptic Cataclysms 

Actually Earth School is ahead of schedule so far as awakening is concerned. Usually an Aquarian Age is preceded by the ultimate display of Piscean energy - people using power to control other people. The sinking of Atlantis through the misuse of laser weapons, or some other cataclysm creating "the flood" has historically been the way that those not ready to graduate, to give up struggle, were removed from this school and moved to a holding tank to await the arrival of more chaotic times. 
The subconscious minds of all those who have been through "the flood" contain remembrances of massive destruction and planetary abuse which rendered the earth, for the most part, uninhabitable. It is not a random thing that millions of earth citizens today are battling for dear life against nuclear weapons, global warming, pollution of the waters and destructive prejudices. It happened the last time - - in the blink of an eye ninety percent of the earth's population left on vacation. 
Again we have arrived at the entry point of an Aquarian age, a time when it's up to group consciousness to create what happens next on planet earth. Many levels of prediction are coming forward to aid (or confuse) in the making or breaking of our shift from Piscean to Aquarian energy. Great prognosticators like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce are being quoted as reliable authorities on changes to come. But, since the future is never a reality until present moment minds create it, only probabilities can be forecast, not certainties. Humanity has the free will to change its mind, to re-create the future and the past at any moment. And, as many are beginning to see, we have changed our minds. 

A useful story 

Since the insights that I receive are nonverbal, I will make up another story. A few hundred years ago, as we view time, a fax was sent by the hierarchy (school board) to all stations in this quadrant of the universe. The fax was a reminder of what time it was, relative to earth time. Another Aquarian age was rolling around and there would be a need for helpers on the earth. Since the prime directive prevents assisting the planet without actually getting involved (incarnating) a commitment of participation was required from those who thought the earth was worth protecting from destruction by her ignorant inhabitants.
Incarnating to save the planet was viewed, not so much as a task of overcoming the forces of evil or forcing her inhabitants to be good little boys and girls, as it was incarnating for purposes of impregnating the telepathic pool with the consciousness of harmlessness and peace. Before birth, though it sometimes slips their minds now, these volunteers understood that it is consciousness that creates reality, not force.
It was expected, by the hierarchy, that perhaps as many as ten thousand entities would see enough value in this old school house to want to save her. That would be ten times as many as showed up the last time. But when check-in time arrived (pre-registration was not required) these cosmic beings just kept coming and coming and coming. Not required to be here, since these were peace loving folks who had already graduated or whose primary school was elsewhere, they showed up in droves. Millions incarnated simply out of love for you and me and Mother Earth. This mass incarnation was unprecedented and unpredicted.
There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend. Millions of them came, ready to die an earthly death if necessary, simply to be here, to let their vibes penetrate group consciousness. And there is a good chance that you are one of them, especially if you have been saying to yourself, "what the hell am I doing here?" The arrival of these peace loving beings has prevented a repeat of previous "floods". It created a shift in the creative consciousness from what was seen by Cayce and Nostradamus. One person does make a difference, especially when there are millions of them. 
In one sense the inflow of harmless consciousness to this system has already been an unequivocal success. There will be no nuclear war (a couple of scares still to come perhaps). California will stay firmly connected to the mainland (that old song about a whole lot of shaking going on could still be applicable though). Pollution will not significantly reduce the habitable land area. And global warming will not cause the flooding of Manhattan or Japan. Some global warming will, however, help turn vast areas of the earth's surface into a Miami Beach paradise. 

Keep it in Perspective 

Change is relative and group forecasts are meaningless to individuals. A little perspective may help. 
Politically and socially we see that the norm throughout recorded history has been repression, restriction and some classes of people being subservient to others. That norm still exists for the majority of the world's population. We understand that this condition is not "wrong", it is simply the way that karmic teaching works. 
If we look for a political precedent for what is happening on the earth today we will find none. When Thomas Jefferson penned his words declaring that all men have the right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, he risked being hung for heresy and betrayal of the king (dictator). There was no precedent for a large group of people forming a nation based on beliefs as radical as these. When women of this nation, followed by many western nations, achieved suffrage there was no recorded precedent of that magnitude. Every distinctive group of individuals in the western world now has its advocates for equal treatment. 
Unprecedented change is not only continuing today, it is becoming the norm as we approach the cusp of the Aquarian age. The Berlin wall, the Soviet Union, Poland, Romania, Tianaman Square all testify to "the times, they are a changin'". The Aquarian age is different than any other age of the astrological calendar. It is, indeed, a new age. 

Characteristics of Aquarian Energy 

The Aquarian age is a time of "nothing is hidden". It is a time when secrets are no longer the basis of government or big business. It is a time when communication systems let everyone see what is going on in every nation and every corporation. It is a time when there are no skeletons in the closets of the world because not only do people refuse to hide behind pretenses, but our moral judgments dissolve in compassion and understanding. 
Aquarian energy brings with it telephones, radio, television, satellite communications, airplanes, rockets, space travel, and any other technology which helps make all the peoples of the galaxy one people. In the Aquarian age space or distance becomes less concrete. We can overcome space. We are not limited by distance. 
Aquarian energy brings with it tape recorders, video recorders, movies and the technology which preserves the past, which helps prove that the past is not past. In the Aquarian age we overcome the limitations of time. In reality, all time is simultaneous time. We soon will get a glimpse of this. 
Karma has always taught that all peoples are one people. The repressors or persecutors of a race, class or sex, come back in the next life as a member of that race, class or sex. Well, the karmic lessons are now ending. We are catching on, albeit slowly, to the truth that there are no inferior human beings. Aquarian energy brings with it a knowing of the oneness of all of the individualized aspects of God. 

Communicating with non-physical beings 

Often referenced in the quest for understanding the shift into new age consciousness are issues concerning visitors from outer space and communications from disembodied entities. To interpret the "channelings" of non-physical beings we must understand some things. First, all information which is received from a "source", through the mind of a "channel" and recorded by a third party (or tape recorder) must be considered hearsay evidence. 
In my study of channeled material (including my own) over the past twenty years, I believe I can definitively say that no message ever gets through from "the other side" unscathed. The mind of the channel always imparts a bit of its own belief system into the message. A fearful mind will "bring through", at least to some extent, fearful messages. And remember, psychic ability and personal wisdom are not co-requisites. 
A second point to consider is that not every person who is discarnate or extra terrestrial is wise. It is easier for some folks to channel some jerk from a dysfunctional civilization than it is for them to channel a well grounded angel. When you investigate "channeled" information, remember: Honest people don't say "trust me", and wise people don't say "I know what I'm talking about". Also, channeled voices that say "I've been waiting for you" are implying guilt, and those who believe that time is real and damage is possible say "we must hurry, time is growing short". 
Incidentally, I once ask the source of my channeled communication "what is the difference between angels and space brothers?" The answer came, "Area of interest. They are all just folks." 
Of all the information I have encountered about other dimensions of reality, non-terrestrial civilizations, and other kingdoms such as the angelic kingdom, I tend to be partial to that which was received by myself. But that just goes along with my basic belief that each person should give the highest credence to his or her own intuitive connection with guidance. Other people's version of reality may not, and need not, mesh with your own. The insights expressed here are ones that feel right to me. They jive with how I see the near levels of reality. 
In all of the hundreds of telepathic conversations I have had with entities not of this earth, I have never received a fear motivated message. I have never been told that time was running out or that we needed to hurry. On the contrary, I have been told that they function outside of the limitations of time, that it is never too late for a good miracle. I have never been told that if I/we didn't do some particular task or accomplish some particular objective within a specified period of time, something bad would happen. I have never been told that light workers needed to expose the "spiritual subversives" or defend the ramparts of God. I receive messages such as "everything is OK just the way it is". I even have been shown great celebrations taking place in other dimensions because we folks of planet earth were making such wonderful progress. 
I was told that there are over sixty independent civilizations participating in a "federation". The purpose of the federation is to be of assistance to any civilization which requests it. We earthlings will soon ask for assistance from the federation. We will ask because many individuals whose home civilizations are federation members, have incarnated. These individuals intuitively recognize the appropriateness of shortening our learning curve in the areas of technology and environmental cleansing by asking for help from their friends. I was told by the crew members of one "mother ship" that they had the capability to filter the pollutants out of our atmosphere within twenty minutes, if they were asked by a majority of the earth's people. The prime directive, you know, prevents their assistance until the incarnate ones ask. 
It feels appropriate here to include an excerpt from a newsletter I wrote in November of 1990. 
I sit here in the midst of Paradise - - Northern New Mexico with new snow on the mountains, the full moon over the white desert. For the millionth time I wonder "What are we doing here, here on Planet Earth? Is it a mistake? Is it for the sheer excitement of exploring a life in which there seem to be so few real choices and so many victims? Are people really the victims of their aging bodies, their unskilled behavior, their lack of material possessions, or the Saddam Husseins of the world? Or maybe the snow has the answer - - in stillness and softness shall ye find God. God? Peace? Fact or fancy, truth or illusion? The intellect is so stymied, so frustrated to find answers - - better to be a couch potato, a little Monday night football. Escape but no satisfaction. 
Then Jake appears and says "Sweat Lodge tomorrow. Help us gather wood for the fire and we'll begin at sundown. Just feels like its time for church again." Stacking wood and sealing the Lodge against intruding light, laboring with spiritual comrades - a better diversion than the Dallas Cowboys. Then the ritual begins. Altered states of consciousness replace the intellect's impotence. "Speak to us Grandfather of the Path. Speak to us Grandmother of the Earth." Things begin to happen. Strangeness it would be called if we were rational - but we're not. The rocks, glowing red from the fire, begin to speak, tongues of the spirit kingdom. "Wow, did you see that face?" And lights appearing in the rocks. "White lights", I said, "I see green" says Anne. For each drum beat a light replies. 
When the first round ends, Dale the warrior, the aspirant, our fire chief, goes to fetch more glowing rocks to keep the tiny lodge steamy, to keep consciousness altered.  
Messages come into our heads from our friends, here to help us celebrate the healing of the Earth. They let us know once again that we are not alone, that all is well in God's universes, that there is so much more to life than what we see. "Don't take it all so seriously", they say. "You don't remember the problems you had a thousand years ago and you won't remember these either. To be healers, to be light bearers, to be way showers, you must laugh, dance and play. That is what the Earth needs now." 
Dripping wet, we emerge into the cold moonlight. Refreshed. Spirits renewed. When one has touched the Reality, it is easy to see the illusion of the drama, at least for a while. But be vigilant, dear ones, lest the drama begin to appear real again and no-win situations become bigger than God. Then Jake appears and says "Sweat Lodge tomorrow". 
Self empowerment is the ability to see things as they really are, not as they appear to be. Self empowerment is staying in touch with God's perspective. Self empowerment knows that this three dimensional school room is such a tiny part of the reality that we all can have access to if we but remember to look within. Self empowerment means the end of struggle forever. Self empowerment means freedom, joy, and prosperity. Self empowerment comes from being clear and in touch with infinity, from knowing that I, of myself (ego), can do nothing, it is the Father within that doeth the works. Self empowerment is mandatory.
Why is the planetary mind set so afraid of radical change? When Galileo invented the telescope, the leading scientists of his day refused to even look through it because everyone knew that a piece of glass couldn't bring objects closer to the viewer. Every discovery which would lead to radically new ways of perceiving reality has been met with cries of "preposterous", "nonsense", and even "heretical". Well, those who fear change will have to dig a little deeper into the sand because the "space brothers" are here. And nothing is going to change the planetary picture of reality as much as when our non-earthling friends come out of the closet. 
The existence of extra-terrestrial beings shouldn't surprise us. Have you stopped to consider where you dwell when you are not incarnate? If not on earth, then you dwell extra-terrestrially. There are many civilizations visiting this planet during this transition time. The whole galaxy, even the whole of third and fourth dimensional reality, has an interest, a big stake, in the progress we make here. 

Science and Spirit 

The U. S. government and some other governments have taxpayer funded projects to search for, and verify the existence of, extra-terrestrial life. The U. S. has a project called SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. And as governments are wont to do, they use old established methods in their search. As Galileo showed, old thinking won't create new breakthroughs. The government's radio telescopes won't detect civilizations that don't use radio. 
As we stand at the interface between perceiving reality intuitively and perceiving it scientifically, we have a dilemma. Intuitive evidence is not scientific, under accepted definitions of scientific, and it won't hold water with most of the scientific community. And scientific investigation takes decades to expand its "sensor range" to where it can conceive of new paradigms. 
Although the governments of the world and the staid scientific community may be mostly oblivious to them, there are thousands of folks, ordinary citizens, who have telepathic communication with non-terrestrial civilizations on a regular basis. I find these communications most intriguing. 
As an aside, let me say here that there is an excellent book on the scientific-intuitive conjunction which includes the subject of extra terrestrial life and makes a credible attempt at reconciling the two viewpoints. It is Exploring Inner and Outer Space by former astronaut and physicist, Brian O'Leary. I applaud Brian's efforts since I also have walked the tightrope, being an engineer and an "intuitive functioner". 
There are also civilizations visiting earth that are not members of the federation. They get all the press. Sensationalism is a Piscean (karmic) characteristic and obviously it still sells commercials on TV and in the tabloids. The "little greys" and other familiar tabloid faces really do exist. But they are of little interest to awakening souls. Awakening souls keep their minds clear. They keep their eye focused on God. Awakening souls have made a conscious commitment to give up drama. For only by voluntarily giving up drama can we loose ourselves from that rascally karmic wheel. 
Every soul has a contract with earth school to be given those experiences that will most expediently lead to awakening. Asleep people do life on a purely karmic basis, having "accidents", being "victimized", and experiencing "unconnected random events". These people are known to have enrolled for war, car wrecks, and worse. Awakening people are characterized by their desire to associate with the highest forms of light and love possible. Awakening people appear to the eyes of the world to be "protected", because they have made a choice to learn their lessons sans pain and struggle, and they follow their inner guidance. 


In another communication with our non-terrestrial friends, the message was something like this. "You are skeptical about the benefits of technology because you associate technology with pollution. Some of you despise your technology. You cubby hole the different aspects of your life, putting technology in one hole, family in another hole, your job in another hole, etc. Then you lay judgments on each category. This one is spiritual. That one is a necessary evil. And some are good and some are bad. We don't see life that way. Everything, to us, is love, or we wouldn't include it in our experience. To us, technology and love are one and the same. Our technology doesn't pollute and our love isn't jealous. To experience pollution one must have a polluted consciousness, for consciousness creates reality. When your group consciousness changes to one of harmlessness your pollution will be gone and you will have invited us to tea. Shalom." 
In the Piscean age where power and control are king, we have been trained that all great technological advances must come from government or big business. It takes big bucks to fund the research and build the prototypes. No grants, no progress. Well, not any more. 
The next two hundred years are the time in which millions of entities incarnate in order to bring gifts to the earth, including technological gifts, and all great ideas and insights come from spirit, not NASA. Tie this together with the fact that many garage shops and home offices now have more computing power at their fingertips than even IBM had thirty years ago and we have the rebirth of the individual inventor. 
As a teenager I visited the home of Thomas Edison's granddaughter. I got to see his books and laboratory furniture, and I got to hear stories about Edison. It seems that Edison knew how to receive great ideas. He was a student of the mystery schools, and a meditater. When he was looking for the answer to a problem, Tom would lie down on his back on a wooden bench. He held a steel ball in his outstretched hand. He knew that the answer could get through to him if his mind was in that state of semi-consciousness that occurs between sleeping and wakefulness. He let himself drift closer and closer to sleep until he could hear/see the answer. If he fell asleep he would drop the ball and that would awaken him. Most of his inventions were passed from spirit to him through that doorway of semi-consciousness. It is spirit's good pleasure to give us new ideas, we don't earn them or buy them. 
As we continue to awaken, many persons will follow their bliss by bringing phenomenal new technologies in to benefit mankind. 

Telepathic Communication 

Twenty years ago I took a course called Silva Mind Control. If you are not familiar with it, don't let the group consciousness paranoia creep in because of the name. It has nothing to do with controlling other people's minds. It is about learning the usefulness of our own minds. In this class people learn to use the mind to control the body. They learn to control pain, to improve memory, to release addictions, and to raise their IQ. 
In Silva people learn to communicate telepathically with the various kingdoms of planet earth; the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms. In this forty hours of mind training people take mind trips to the past, to the future, and to other dimensions of reality. And, as one instructor put it, if you don't think you are a walking, talking psychic when you finish this course, your money will be refunded, no questions ask. I went through the course seven times and I never saw anyone ask for their money back.
One Silva instructor taught an experimental class to "disadvantaged" students in a school which had a reputation for "bad attitudes and troublemakers". Standardized personality tests given before and after the training showed amazing improvements in the students. One of the things the students learned was a technique (the three finger technique) by which they could trigger their telepathic communication. During an exam, if a student couldn't remember the answer to a question, they simply invoked this technique and ask the teacher's mind what the answer was. One teacher was so annoyed with the number of A's the students were getting that he said to the class "if I see one more student with his fingers together, he gets an F". 
The mind has no limits. We are entering a time when human kind stops believing it is a body and sees itself as being as unlimited and as powerful as the mind. The Aquarian age puts an emphasis on telepathic communication. It brings out the power of the mind to explore, to know, and to create. 

Education in the Aquarian Age 

If all students can learn to get any information (knowledge) about any aspect of life on earth, past or present, simply by doing one week's worth of mind training (as Jose Silva has proved) then Aquarian schools will bear no resemblance to today's schools. Aquarian schools will be about soul growth, expansion (as opposed to repetition), the spirit of the whole person and, believe it or not, learning to be happy and fulfilled. 
Our Piscean education system does not educate, it teaches labeling. The students who get the positive feedback from the system aren't the ones who are creative or happy or unlimited thinkers. The rewards go to the students who can memorize the most labels, who can name the most rivers, countries, chemical elements, or body parts. We don't train children to explore other dimensions where the answers lie, we train them to make big bucks playing Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit. 
The Piscean education system was devised by Doctors of Education. And the Doctors of Education are the ones who grant doctors degrees in education, a self perpetuating system. While I was teaching at Oklahoma State I briefly considered getting a doctorate in education because I love to teach. I naively thought that I could take a course of study in which I would learn more about how the mind learns, how to convey knowledge from one person to another, how to create interest in learning, and how to supersede the knowledge of the past by invoking unconventional methods of acquiring new knowledge. No such courses were in the curriculum. 
Most Doctoral students in education are taught the labeling process. They learn the names of who wrote the accepted books on education. They learn precedents. They learn to administrate schools. They learn to reward linear thinkers and (subtly) put down spatial, holistic thinkers. 
Since it is assumed in the Piscean age that all beings are separate and that supply is limited, our schools quite pragmatically teach competition (competition assumes that only a few can "make it", e.g., the survival of the fittest). Most Piscean schools give grades and create good students and bad students. There is a big difference between teaching each student to do his or her best, and teaching them to compete. The first method creates all winners and the second creates losers and introverted students. In a system based on the understanding that all beings are one, that your best interests are my best interests, and that God is the source of all supply, cooperation will be taught. Aquarian schools will not have separative and level creating methods such as giving grades and having winners and losers. There will be no jealousy as each student excels in his or her unique field of excellence. 
The Aquarian children now choosing to incarnate will ensure that the schools reflect their needs. Every soul chooses the moment of their birth, their time of entry into the school. They know in advance what influences will be exerted upon them, both astrologically and environmentally. They know what they are coming here to learn and they know what they are coming here to teach. 
Society's definition of useful, productive, self supporting citizens is based on the separative beliefs that every one must pull his own weight, pay taxes, and not rock the boat. As we shift into Aquarian energy, the present purpose of education, to create useful, productive, self supporting citizens, will become meaningless. The Aquarian Age educational focus is simply a different focus. Exploration, unification of body and spirit, freedom and joy are what it is all about. In her book, 2150 AD, Thea Alexander sees many aspects of the future, including telepathy class in the schools, the same way I do. I recommend this novel for fun and insight. 
During the next fifty years or so, the schools will shift in their structure and curriculum into a form that can accommodate students who refuse to forget their connection with spirit. The curriculum of choice will be one that relates to the big picture, a curriculum that can improve one's level of understanding and happiness a hundred or a thousand years from now. And paradoxically, one that isn't concerned about preparing for hard times ahead, but one that says life exists only in this series of present moments. 
In education, as with many of society's most protected systems, the dissolving of the present structure won't come about through the overthrow or forceful rejection of the old way. Awakened people don't resist evil. It will become disenfranchised through neglect. Already we see the "subculture" educational systems arising. Home education is gaining popularity rapidly, as are alternative systems such as Waldorf, Montessori, and the Unschool. 
One thing that will occur as the decades progress in the next century that will produce a most noticeable change in what we call learning is the introduction of telepathy training. Up until telepathy becomes the primary means of communication, reading and writing skills will still be valuable for people choosing to dwell on earth. It may take three or four hundred years for words to fall into disuse, but when they do, humans will begin to communicate for the first time. 


It doesn't take a far sighted economist to see that we are moving towards a single world economy. Indeed we already have several forms of international currency which are working quite nicely. Master Card, Visa and American Express will purchase almost any product in almost any country. Even your bank ATM card works world wide. But the shift to a world economy won't necessarily be a smooth process. 
The trend of the European Union to make one economic nation out of many political nations will continue. 
I have glimpsed that perhaps the most radical form of, shall we say, "attention getting" will be in the economic structure. The universe so loves mankind that it is going to make it quite clear to the money seekers that there is far greater value in one's family than in one's portfolio. People who focus on making money by shuffling and trading pieces of paper, rather than directly providing goods or services, will lose their paper. 
Putting the pursuit of material goods ahead of the pursuit of enlightenment is not wrong. It simply delays our arrival at the point of happiness. This paradoxical issue baffles many spiritual students - we are required to be prosperous (it is the natural state in the universe) and we delay our true prosperity if we make material gain a goal. We have to do it God's way, not man's way. Prosperity is not about money, it is about an all inclusive state of fulfilled existence, materially, mentally, and emotionally. Prosperity is a gift, a natural inheritance for a child of God. But purification of the belief system is necessary first. When Jesus said to "seek first the kingdom of God, and all else will be added unto you", he didn't say that the all else excluded money. Indeed, he could have said that to get the "all else" one must seek the kingdom of enlightenment first. 
So, the economies of the various nations will go through a leveling out, or evening, process. The average standard of living on the planet is somewhat less than what inhabitants of North America, Europe, Australia and other nations with stable economies experience. While ultimately - in a hundred years or so - the world's economy will no longer be based on greed, and will appear quite prosperous, the short term picture seems to be interspersed with times of economic tribulation. It is just a way that the universe has of getting people to reevaluate their priorities. By helping folks decide to value family, friends, love, and the spiritual self above money, the universe will save millions of people millions of years on the wheel of karma. Economic tribulation is love doing its thing. 
Part of the leveling of economies will occur because some of the richer nations will actually make "sacrifices" on behalf of the world's hungry peoples. Starvation will be mostly wiped out by the year 2025. Aquarian technology in the form of communication and transportation make the problems of every nation too "real" to ignore. 
During this same time frame in which some folks feel their world has come to an end, others appear to be prospering and enjoying. I see those who perform true service to others as being a counter-economy. There will be no struggle for healers, counselors, small farmers, furniture makers, carpenters, artisans, crafts persons, and other true service providers. 
If you have an economic need at the moment, you don't have to buy a book on prosperity. Just watch for the signs the universe is sending you. Your next opportunity to enjoy prosperity is ready for you now! 
There will be no struggle for people who have not bought into the drama, who have kept an eye on the big picture. These folks will be kept very busy sharing their understanding and answering the question of the masses, "why is this happening to me?" It will be important to remember that if we buy into anyone's drama, we perpetuate the drama. If we let our eye be single, fixed on God, and choose to experience inner peace in the face of appearances, then we shall do all of the healings that Jesus did, and greater healings than these, shall we do. We can be healers or drama critics, but not both. 


Already well under way, exciting, dramatic, and phenomenal changes in the healing professions/arts are coming from the acceptance of the connection between illness/wellness and emotions. No longer will the body be looked at as a machine, consisting of individual parts, which can be repaired by changing a tire or putting on a new fan belt. Doctors, new age therapists, counselors, and relaxation specialists will all be held in equal esteem in a few years. Pharmaceutical lobbies will lose their death grip on the legislatures and governmental health agencies. As might be expected from non resistors, the healing mind set will be changed not so much by court battles, as by the rapidly increasing number of folks who simply go elsewhere (even underground), instead of to "old-thinking" doctors. Fortunately, there are now a large number of "new-thinking" doctors available who encourage their patients to participate in their own healing. 
Self empowered people don't take "doctor's orders". They make their own decisions. They choose their own treatment or treatments. Self empowered people aren't afraid to get a second, third and fourth opinion. Self empowered people get an open minded doctor's opinion and they get opinions from the counselors and therapists who are experts in the field of mind/body relations. They take responsibility for their own health by picking and choosing the combination of treatments that ring true to them. And best of all, folks who are always following their bliss, don't spend extended periods of time sitting in the emotions that cause dis-ease in the first place. 


This may be hard for some of you to believe, but in about forty years, politics as we know it will start to fade out. Spiritual government bears little resemblance to the governments we are used to. Worldly government has always meant that some people governed other people. Webster defines "govern" as "to exercise authority over; rule, control, etc." In the Piscean age the belief has been that people needed to be controlled, threatened with jail or the loss of their money, in order to cause them to act in a civilized manner. So the people gave away their individual power to a collective power to make decisions (laws) for them. 
In the age of self-empowered, harmless people, there will be no police force and no armies, not even "armies of God". The world's governments will very much resemble the pattern of government that the spiritual hierarchy has set for us. Spiritual government contains organization, structure (with the wisest at the top) and "laws". But the government of the hierarchy has no provisions for enforcement. Awakened beings have always listened to and followed the direction of the wise ones. And if any entity chooses to rebel against the system, so be it. No harm can be done. Awakened spiritual beings do not allow themselves to be imposed on by rebellious beings. There are no victims. 

Self Created Reality means Self Created Future 

It would be nice to be able to say that since you are an awakening entity who chooses to live consciously and seek guidance in all your decision making processes, that you will live in Shangri-La from here on out. But, here again, 'tain't so. 
Remember that awakening souls have a tendency to make themselves available to any member of humankind who has made a decision to wake up. The folks that you would assist as they attempt to come out of the darkness into the light, are very much related to your own chosen path of learning/experiencing. As you follow your bliss and your guidance, everything comes together for you. You not only walk a path that is the path of joy and excitement, you find yourself being of maximal service to others who are on similar paths. If anyone attempts to do their service work for humanity by forsaking joy, they still believe in karmic ways and they are in for a frustrating ride. And, likewise, it doesn't work to seek joy by abandoning service. This system is so perfect that if one truly attempts to follow their guidance/bliss they are being of utmost service to themselves and to others. 
In every arena of life there are individuals who are ready to awaken. This means that in the military, in government, in business, in the construction industry, and every other vocation known to man, light workers are needed. There are no unspiritual professions or avocations. You may have thought that the work that you really enjoy doing wasn't compatible with the spiritual life. Nothing could be farther from the truth. More light workers are required in the "world" than in monasteries. So your path, in the coming years, may take you to the board room or the battle field or even to the, yes, monastery. There are no mistakes. You will be in the right place at the right time in order to transform lives. 
The key point in functioning consciously (always remembering the big picture) is this: no matter where you are or what you are doing, no pain or struggle is required. Quite the contrary, happiness, health, and abundance are required. You can't give a gift to humanity that you do not possess. 
In every period of struggle on this planet, there have been folks who were unaffected. In every depression some people prospered. In every war some peace loving people were ignored by the combatants. In every earthquake, isolated parcels of land were "miraculously" untouched. No forecast for the future applies to those individuals who have given up karma. There are no victims. There are no random events. Individual consciousness creates individual reality. 

Piscean Energy Still Predominates 

Even with as much cooperation, caring and sharing as is being shown among humans today, Piscean energy still predominates on the planet. Bliss obviously is not the most common state of mind being experienced today. 
When the volunteers were discussing their entry into earth's energy field, they felt that anything short of the destruction experienced when Atlantis went down would have to qualify their mission as a success. But now things have changed. They have already attained the primary objective. So they have set new goals. (Sorry, you can't go home yet.) They have now said "Let's go for the Gold! Let's do it all!" 
The new goal is shocking. It is absurd, at least by old standards. By some it is considered absolutely unattainable. Talk about a stretch. Are you ready for this? The new goal is nothing less than to see that one hundred percent of all beings who are presently enrolled in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades in Earth School graduate before the Aquarian age is over. That's right, to so spread understanding and unconditional love throughout the telepathic pool that before another two thousand years go by, every one who has decided that they really prefer harmlessness to conflict will have graduated, free from pain and struggle forever! 
What this means to you and me is simply this. When we awaken we will be asked to not leave the planet, as we would have in the old days. We are asked to stay on the planet and continue to assist, to share, to love, even though we have no karmic requirement to do so. We must show our family that karma isn't fun, karma hurts. We must show them that if they want to end pain and struggle that a new way of thinking and doing is required in each moment of every day. We must show them that if they want to get home in the most expedient manner possible, there is No Time for Karma. StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter

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