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Friday, June 09, 2006

3.1 mag Earthquake Scotland - related to Norway Meteor blast??

~~strongest tremor since 2003 ~
Rumblings and bangs as Highland earthquake hits 
   DAVID ROSS, Highland Correspondent June 09 2006 
 An earthquake measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale hit the west Highlands yesterday, resulting in loud bangs and making floors vibrate.

People in Gairloch, Achnasheen, Stromeferry and Ardaneaskan called the British Geological Survey (BGS) with reports of the tremor just after noon. One said "the whole house shook", and another added: "We thought the chimney had fallen down."

Olaf Preston, who lives in Lochcarron, said: "I was at a neighbour's having a cup of coffee when I heard an almighty bang. It almost sounded like an explosion."

Ewen Mackinnon, councillor for Lochcarron, said: "I did hear a rumbling when I was working at the computer about that time. But I didn't give it much thought, because we get a lot of low-flying jets around here and I assumed it must have been one of them.

"However, after hearing the news I realised it must have been the quake."
Roy Macintyre, his fellow councillor in Gairloch, said: "We were blissfully unaware of it. But we have a lady in here visiting from up at Flowerdale, and she definitely felt the floor vibrate. She thought it was an earthquake, but her husband was sure it was just a heavy lorry passing."
Near the epicentre on the Applecross peninsula, the quake went largely unnoticed. Judith Fish, owner of the Applecross Inn, said: "The earth certainly didn't move for us. We knew nothing at all about it."
It was the biggest quake felt in the Highlands since September 2004, when one felt on the island of Raasay reached 3.3 on the scale. According to the BGS, there are about eight events around this level in the UK each year.

In 2003, Aberfoyle was hit by at least three shocks in the early hours of a June morning, with each measuring three on the scale. The seismic activity had begun a week earlier.

Last Hogmanay, revellers were left shaken when an earthquake measuring 2.5 on the Richter scale hit parts of central Scotland less than two hours before midnight. Experts said the tremors were the largest in the area since 2003.

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