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Monday, May 20, 2013

Just Discovered - Another NEO ASTEROID - 2013 KB

Published on May 17, 2013
Major Earthquake watch! Solar Flare Watch! Geomagnetic storm Warning! Meteor Watch! WW3 Watch! False Flag Watch For US! Martial Law Watch For US! Stay Safe and May God Bless!!
17-May-2013 Clif High Wujo, Global Coastal Event, Quavers, Earthquakes,
4 Meteors in less then 24 hours not including the meteorite that has hit Mexico last night!!
Loud Boom Was A Fireball?? Solar Instability? GCE Imminent?
Asteroid 2013 KB NEW!!!!
2013 JM22
Active Volcanoes
SoHO Shot's current
Airport Webcams Denver!
Watch Live Flights
All kinds of Solar News!
CME Impact Time Map NEW!!
Frequency Induction Chart. NEW!!! NEW!!
Auroval North Pole NEW!!!
RioMenter Plasma Penatration..
Nasa Stereo Ahead COR2
Solar Data
Moon Halo's/Sunspot seen from earth
Fireball reports

Fireball Reports
Sunspot Veiwer
entril spiral
Neutron Monitors
Sunspot/ Meteor Shower/ Coronal Hole's....
Earthquake Map!!! NEW!!
List Of quakes
Erathquake and hazard map
Earthquake list
Earthquake software used
Current world Weather
MUST WATCH!!! Sodom and Gomorra!!!

Top Comments

  • Greg Noblin 
    While I agree this is concerning, and I also feel the massive increase in incoming objects and near misses to both the Earth and the Moon are extremely alarming we must also be very measured in out worries. .008 AU is still about three times the distance of the Moon from Earth, or about 744,000 miles. Remember that asteroid that passed inside the geosynchronous orbits of satellites? It's approach was about 17,000 miles from the surface and did not get pulled in. Still worth monitoring though.
     · 13 
  • Andrea Mullaney 
    Hey there - I just checked the latest list of NEOs from NASA's site:
    Now there are TWO additional asteroids coming in along with 2013 KB:
    1.) 2013 KTI also at 3.2 lunar distances with closest approach on May 21st, condition code=5, and
    2.) 2013 KS1, 4.8 lunar distances, closest approach on May 22nd, condition code = 8.
    Looks like we may have some incoming rocks to deal with. Blah.

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