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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Warning Signs: Lib Dowd Falls out of Love


Maureen Dowd Falls Out of Love

By Alan Caruba

I do not subscribe to The New York Times and do not read it with only one exception. Every Sunday I do read Maureen Dowd’s column. She is a very good writer which, in itself, is reason enough to read her, but more importantly she is a weather vane pointing the direction that liberals are taking on issues, individuals, and events. 

Ms. Dowd joined The Times in 1983 as a metropolitan reporter, eventually becoming a columnist in 1995. Her columns regarding Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal earned her a Pulitzer Prize. She had become the rare doyenne of The Times ever since, known for not suffering fools easily and for drawing blood when her political antennas pick up an egregious deception. Despite her liberal credentials, she is far less easily duped than most.

After attending the Democratic Party convention in Charlotte and listening to President Obama’s acceptance speech, she jumped ship, abandoning her previous opinions of him. In the Sunday, September 9th, edition she wrote:

“In his renomination acceptance speech here on Thursday night, he told us that America’s problems were tougher to solve than he had originally thought. And that’s why he has kindly agreed to give us more time. Because, after all, it’s our fault.”

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Dowd picked up on a theme of Obama’s speech that was missed by just about every other political pundit I heard or read in the days since.

She quoted Obama saying, “So you see, the election four years ago wasn’t about me. It was about you. My fellow citizens, you were the change.”

Her skeptical response was “We were the change? Us?” When Obama said that his supporters were the only ones with the power “to move us forward”, Dowd mocked him saying “We’re so lame. We were naïve, brimming with confidence that we could slow the rise of the oceans, heal the planet, fix the cracks in the Capitol dome.”
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