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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Team Obama Apologizes?

Muslims Attack US Embassy Egypt, Burn American Flag on 9/11, While Team Obama Apologizes? Unreal: Mob storms U.S. Embassy in Cairo; U.S. Embassy tweets apologies for hurt Muslim feelings; Update: Embassy will continue ‘criticizing bigotry’


We could Elect and Trust THIS Man-
Mitt Romney is an America-loving, Pro-Business, Pro-Family, Private Sector, Free Market Capitalist, more in keeping with the mature Statesmen of old.


...we could have 4 more years of a Marxist, Muslim, America-Hating, Constitution-Loathing Traitor.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:07 AM

    After this event and many others recently, Any responsible, clear thinking president would close every embassy in a muslim country and stop ALL funding immediately.

    Buy … NO MORE OIL … that finances their war against us and is KILLING Our People.

    WE … have more than enough oil and other natural resources to sustain ourselves for hundreds of years … paying others for what WE have right under our own feet … is the ultimate act of stupidity that I have ever heard of.

    Because of the constant attacks against us and Americans around the world … WE should eliminate every, terrorist headquarters, camp, training facility, bomb making factory, and safe house that we know of with … NON-NUCLEAR WEAPONS … and let them know that this is just the beginning if they continue to act like …

    '' Savage Regressive Medieval Thugs '' …..

    WE … will continue to ' counter attack ' with ALL the ' non-nuclear ' weapons at our disposal.


    OUR CHOICE IS ….................. '' PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH ''


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