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Saturday, August 11, 2012

This Is What They Are Blocking At Sun Sets Nibiru Planet X -

This Is What They Are Blocking At Sun Sets Nibiru Planet X - YouTube:

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  • I think we all need to start documenting what time of day and what time zone these photos are being taken. I have a picture I took of the sun setting over the local marina and low and behold there was a monstrous sized object next to the sun upper east limp at 18:15 on the 27 of July. Thing is it appearred to have a winged appeareance as bright streamers and much darker comparitavely in the center. Guess I'll try again today since I noticed it. Good luck to us all.

  • It's not. When you see chemtrails in front of the sun, you will see the object if you wait for a break in the "clouds"
  • Oh my, could the spraying be to block signals? I'm just saying, there is no limit to imagination. What if there is a hidden zombie gene that can be excited, see the what if never stops. With all the hype I am looking forward to it passing. I just saying hurry up undeniable truth I've been watching for two years, still no announcements. I gotta hand it to them, they can keep a secret.
  • Moon will not help its magnetic field will flip as earths
  • Could this be The Ball of Redemption (the Comet) that the Bible talks about, and which was revealed in a Vision by Jesus and His Mother Mary to Veronika Lueken, as well as to The Holy Man - Padre Pio which he refers to The Three Days of Darkness?
  • if real, that looks quiet like something!

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