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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Magnetic Pole Reversal-Crust Displacement

BREAKING NEWS: (Part-II) Magnetic Pole Reversals and Possible Crustal Displacement

By Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media
Aug 9, 2012 - 12:46:35 AM

There is still a strong debate if Earth has experienced a severe tilt in its past - perhaps up to 90° which goes far beyond a better known tilt called "Earth's precession". Sometimes referred to as 'precession of the equinoxes', 'lunisolar precession', or 'precession of the equator' - identify the rotation of the Earth's axis which shifts between a tilt of 22.1° and 24.5° and back again, taking approximately 41,000 years to complete a full rotation.
Currently, the Earth's tilt is at 23.44° which is roughly halfway between its extreme values. The tilt is in the decreasing phase of its cycle. However, new scientific data could re-write this well known formula.
Scientists have found evidence that the Earth might have actually rolledseveral degrees in the past, completely shifting continents i.e. Canada in the southern hemisphere. The theory has been around for some time, however, new data introduces an extension to already established surface markers such as growing mountain ranges and supervolcanoes.
New discoveries indentifying a symbiotic connection between the Earth's outer core, mantle plumes, crystallization, and a growing equatorial bulge postulate a new understanding that the Earth axis would change its orientation until an equatorial balance was restored. The good news is the possibility of actual crustal displacement would occur over the time scale of millions of years.  

Hard scientific evidence has come forth confirming Earth's magnetic field is weakening. This is important for two reasons. 1) A weakened magnetic field allows charged particle events such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections (CME), coronal hole filament, gamma rays, and galactic cosmic rays to produce enhanced consequences to extreme weather events which includes earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes etc.

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Mitch Battros Earth Changes Media

Part-I "Something Is Happening  With Earth's Core" for details on the cause of magnetic flips and crustal displacement. CLICK HERE


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