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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mysterious Trees and Foliage Deaths


Published on Jul 21, 2012 by 
I have another few videos to show on this.

  • Part Three

    Thank you for sharing. I've been seeing this for months. My favorite weeping willow trees are dying all around me. Leaves are falling from trees. The colors of green don't look normal and haven't looked normal for this whole past year. I keep asking others if they see this and they really don't. I feel so alone sometimes and so depressed as I watch the world that our Creator gave to us, die before our eyes while the rest of the world parties on like nothing is happening. Thank you.
  • I did notice when hiking up to the Warner Mountains there are huge amounts of dead pine trees. very sickning.The gov will never admit what weather mods there doing So we cant blame them .for the droughts ect They want us to beleive its is globable warming not to say theres some of that but if you pay carbon tax it will be all better. Lord knows whats really going on.
  • Hey thats something to consider, take a walk around your yard and let us know what they look like. You don't want to jump to conclusions. My brother in-law drives trains up in Portland, I'll ask him. As far as I know they don't spray, they cut and prune around railroads, and power lined roads. It would be to expensive, and harmful to the environment. Just a thought though...
  • I see the same purple reds and yellow on leaves that Ive seen over here, its not half as bad tho.
  • I feel the same way that you do. Death is all around us. Jesus is the only one who can save us. The end must be near.
  • I can say that I have never seen anything like that in my life unless it has been sprayed with a VERY high level of some kind of insecticide, over mixed and way to concentrated!!! I live in Oregon and that has never been the case here. I live on the Oregon-Califorina boarder too, and we have had plenty of HOT 100plus weeks, and even months but NEVER does everything start to die, NEVER!!! Hang in there man, keep you head in the game and be prayed up brother. Remember where our glory lies. :)
  • Its the same here..and that among many are what saddens me...destryed..cleansed by fire..seems to be
  • man can i download and re-upload these vids please?
  • same here in ireland man,hardly any sunshine and plenty of rain and still the plants and trees dying
  • Forgot to mention, I live right behind the RR just like you. I will take a walk later and check out this herbaside idea than a drive through the country to compare some foliage.
    • So many things happening all at once. Seems "they" are kickin it into high gear. Ride is gonna be a bumpy one , pray fervently .
    • The railroads spray herbaside along the tracks maybe it drifted Just a thought . Peace
    • OMG...I just remembered...I used to live near a rr for 7 years and our community planted pine-trees ALL up and down the rr tracks...all of which DIED suddenly one year! I also became very auto-immune illness which I STILL deal with to this day 7-8 years LATER! SOMETHING is being transported in the rail-cars that's doing this! I think about it all the time. Just wish I KNEW what it was!
    • And I also have NEVER seen a dying evergreen tree....
    • wow man, your location looks way more affected.
    • Dude your right...We do get PLENTY of rain...It rained yesterday
      • Yup, was talking about this a bit ago as well. First they will kill anything benificial to man, and encourage any type of parasite, " be they plant, fugus or insect " My trees are looking the same.
      • That's why they are storing seeds in a seed vault deep under ground start anu
      • Everyone thinks I am crazy because I have been pointing this out for months. It looks like fall here on W PA. I have lots of chemtrail videos but people don't want to see it. They are going to try to kill off the food supply through weather modification and chem trails.
      • Here in Quebec as well, many of my trees dieing
        God bless you and thanks
      • True, in the UK its happening too, my broad beans, cabbage, peppers, the leaves are curling up, turning purples reds and yellows and have the brown spots on. We have no national radiation monitor in the UK that I know of yet, but you have radiationnetwork(dot)com for USA, it might be worth checking it out see if there is a monitor for your state/city and how high the readings are. Sorry about your garden, Im sad for us all at this point.
      • We have the same here in the UK, no apples or pears on the trees and no grapes in the backyard. Thank you for the video.
      • We planted a garden and less than a third came up..we live in far north eastern Cali. One up side I have not seen a chem trail for a couple months maybe the damage is done God Help us.




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  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    You'll notice it's beside the train tracks where everything is dying. They spray plant killer beside railway tracks so plants don't get too close to the passing trains.


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