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Monday, July 23, 2012

Batman Theater Massacre Planned since 2011

This  image  was  found  on  the  first  result  page  by  searcning  for  only  the  terms  

"DHS FBI Theater

Anonymous,  SCADA,  LULZ,  DHS,  and  Motivations   

And then on the same web page as the source url for the above picture, was also found this picture:

Handwringing,  Moralizing,  Anonymous, Paedophilia, and  Digital  Vigilantism 

Dutchsinse was the first to alert us  Jul 20, 2012  to the FBI knowledge of this followed shortly by Alex Jones...

FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012

Here is the FBI Warning, found easily using these terms:
"DHS FBI Theater Terrorist May 2012"

... Counterterrorism Division, the Federal Bureau of Investigation ... without further approval from DHS. 17 May 2012 (U//FOUO) Terrorists’ Interest in Attacking Theaters and ...

CONNECT THE DOTS! Smoking guns

Published on Jul 20, 2012 by 
UPDATE 7.21 : license plate of the shooter was 119 RDC


A few are trying to say this document is fake or that I made it up.. (in the comments below this video) ... to that I say.. wrong! just do the search going back through May and June. Its there.

I'll make it easy for the skeptics and even do the search FOR you!



UPDATE 7.21: the news made it out !! infowars (alex jones) and several other news sites have picked up this news and are analyzing the ramifications of it.

thanks to all for sharing!


A FBI / DHS warning for possible theater attacks was issued on May 17, 2012.

google cache of the document:

.pdf download via google cache:

here is the original link that was taken down off google [now has been restored :^) ]


it appears this FBI story broke on Huffingtonpost today at 4pm-ish

thanks to liz pressman for doing the sleuthwork!

quote from Huffintonpost :

"3:21 PM -- 07/20/2012
DHS Warned About Threats In Movie Theaters

The Department of Homeland Security in a May 17, 2012 memo, warned that American movie theaters were increasingly likely targets for terrorist attacks, primarily because they packed many people into one tightly confined place. An early April 2012 suicide bombing of a theater in Somalia and a violent extremist communication advocating attacks on US theaters highlight terrorists' continued interest in attacking such venues. Although we have no specific or credible information indicating that terrorists plan to attack theaters in the United States, terrorists may seek to emulate overseas attacks on theaters here in the United States because they have the potential to inflict mass casualties and cause local economic damage.

Colorado police have said that the Aurora killings do not appear to be linked to terrorist activity.

-- Sam Stein"


This may be another case of : foot + step + manure + deep = dutchsinse

many thanks to julio rausseo for getting this information out to the community!!

be sure to subscribe to his channel linked below .. he's broke several stories in the past few months.... and hosts a radio show from time to time (rense radio) ...

  • False flag to get everyone to rally around O who is signing the UN Small Arms Treaty on July 27th. All liberty minded individuals have been contacting their representatives demanding that they vote down the treaty - now they have people yelling for gun control! What they fail to see is that if a couple people would have been carrying inside the theatre - lives would have been saved! They are shredding our consitution! Fast & furious didn't work to remove our guns-so far Holder got away with it!
  • When it becomes apparent that the audience is no longer interested, the act will stop.
  • "century 16 is 116, mirror image of 911"
  • And in college america with student loan debts how can he afford lol
  • Wow great find.
  • It's not real important, but the name Julio is pronounced Who-Leo not Jew-Leo.
  • Do you want to know why they do this? It's another method of separation. Just like the two political parties have become now. Siding with democrats or republicans is just a way to separate people so they're more easily controlled. An arguing and bickering population is kept confused with who the real radicals are. The sooner we see that we all have the same rights and needs, the sooner we can make them realize that We the People are the real super power in the U.S., not the FBI or government.




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Uploader Comments ( dutchsinse )

  • Loved hearing your channel mentioned on CoasttoCoast last night Dutch! Keep up the good work!
    godiva7721 14 minutes ago in playlist Uploaded videos
    thanks for letting me know !!! I will have to try to find this !
    cheers and be safe
  • Gee, the FBI pointed out that large gatherings of people might be targets for violence... This radical notion is completely unheard of!
    Taephit 1 hour ago
    my reply.. makes you wonder why its buried.. why the MSM isn't talking about it.. and why it was deleted when we it went public..
    almost like someone doesn't want anyone to know this alert / warning was issued
    my question. why hide it?? it clears law enforcement ! puts it at the MSM's feet .. why didn't they cover?

Top Comments

  • MK-ULTRA, anyone...?!? I saw this coming a mile away... false flagg to get people to focus their attention away from what's really going on... those who died were simply collateral damage, so sad to have been sacrificed for the coward's agenda! 
  • How do you think a student could aford equiptment for 20 000 Dollars? And isn't it also suspicious that it happened rifht before the voting of the UN bill on gun laws
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