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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Asteroid to Hit 2012?

The truth is that yes, an asteroid will come very close to earth on December 21, 2012. This asteroid is called Toutatis, and it will pass what is, in astrological terms, quite close to the earth. It will be, at its closest, about 4,140,000 miles from the earth. That’s about 18 times the distance of the earth to the moon. As you can see, while this is close in astrological terms, it’s not really that close to the earth, and scientists do not consider it a serious threat at all. It will not hit the earth. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t asteroids out there that scientists haven’t noticed yet that will pass close to the earth, but so far, this isn’t the case.
However, while the asteroid Toutatis may not hit the earth in 2012, there is an asteroid that will come much closer in April of 2027. This asteroid, which has been named Apophis, will actually be less than 22,000 miles from the earth. In fact, scientists have plotted its course as passing between the earth and the moon. What effect will this have on the earth? No one is certain at the moment, but it could cause some significant issues, especially if something causes the asteroid to go slightly off course. It could impact earth if that occurs. However, again, this is an asteroid that will not be near earth until 2027; it’s not the same as the one featured in the many asteroid 2012 theories.

NASA - Sentry Risk Table
The following table lists potential future Earth impact events that the JPL Sentry System has detected based on currently available observations. Click on the object designation to go to a page with full details on that object.
Sentry is a highly automated collision monitoring system that continually scans the most current asteroid catalog for possibilities of future impact with Earth over the next 100 years. Whenever a potential impact is detected it will be analyzed and the results immediately published here, except in unusual cases where an IAU Technical Review is underway.
It is normal that, as additional observations become available, objects will disappear from this table whenever there are no longer any potential impact detections. For this reason we maintain a list of removed objects with the date of removal.

403 NEAs: Last Updated Jul 10, 2012
Sort by Palermo Scale (cum.) or by Object Designation 

Recently Observed Objects
(within past 60 days)






2012 DA142026-2069363.3e-046.1424.40.045-3.19-3.670
2012 MF72046-2092111.5e-048.7026.80.015-4.63-4.680
2012 HG22053-2057103.8e-053.3127.00.014-5.53-5.890
2012 LJ2068-207222.1e-0618.6825.60.026-5.83-5.830
2012 MA72071-207116.6e-1016.8520.50.260-6.96-6.960
2012 KP242032-203211.1e-0712.7526.40.017-7.22-7.220
2012 HB252062-206211.8e-088.9524.90.035-7.79-7.790

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NASA Current Asteroid Risks
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1 comment:

  1. How many Satellites will this one take out.

    Do a little History on this one.

    ALL Should Look Up "2012 DA14".

    This could take out one of more satellites and the junk and debris from the hit could end up taking out many more satellites very soon after that. All the satellite collision probability will go way up if even one is hit. The velocity that the parts would go to would make them missiles that would start targeting a chain reaction this would not be good.

    Most all will be watching this one and pray it goes by us with out a hit. Every Scientist alive will be watching this event. Many will be in Florida for a very special viewing of the once in a Lifetime Event. Professors, Scientist, World Leaders, Ham Radio Operators and Every Astronomer will have its eyes on This Event, along with almost every TV set on Earth.

    "2012 DA14" goes by Earth twice a year and there is no way anyone for sure can tell how close the second pass will be till it passes by the Moon and Earth and the GRAVITATIONAL FORCE effect that it will have on this Asteroid. They may come close but this one is already coming very close to begin with. Too close this time or on its second or 3rd pass?

    Read your Bible
    While you still can.
    John 14 : 6
    Luke 13 : 27
    Matthew 7 : 20 - 27

    The Lord's Little Helper.
    Paul Felix Schott.


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