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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hooray.. it's not a virus!

It is my udated Anti-Virus which caused the problem.
 My geek grass cutting friend explained that Version 7 upgrade of Antivir (which he had me download) scans everything, but everything, and that's what is causing my computer to slow down.  He says the 'virus' that Antivir found was not a virus but a 'key code' generator that he put in when he upgraded this pc to XP.
He may be over tomorrow to tweak some settings in Antivir so I can get back up to speed... and then he'll be over Weds. to cut the grass.  I hope!  :-)
This guy is an ex-opera singer, ex-car salesman, and majored in nuclear physics in graduate school.  But like me he can't work for anyone. ha ha.   He is a genius at pc repairs (which is developing into his new career, not bad at age 49), and an artist at Feng Shui-ing my front garden. I asked him how did he learn about Feng-shui?  He said he minored in Botany in college..
 I finally let him tear out all the weeds in my 'natural Florida eco preserve'...  
P.S., JerkyDirect in small amounts is good for A blood types)

Note: forwarded message attached.

What's this?
Whatever it is, it changes from time to time. 
Dee and Roy :-)
Forwarded Message [ Download File | Save to Yahoo! Briefcase ]
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 19:34:01 -0800 (PST)
From: "Dee Rohe" <>
Subject: Re: The favor of your participation is requested!
Then Mom, Paula and everyone eating will love the JerkyDirect.    Please go to the website and get on autoship.  It's better than in the store, and no more expensive.  You can even make Chipped Beef A la Mode with it.  (or Turkey A la mode)  Or snack on it.  No pesticides.
 Lo carb, low fat.  Satisfies hunger healthily.  Might help get your diets back on track.  I'm sassy and happy too. :-)   Just got back from Irish Tavern and had beer, tuna salad platter, and chicken wings. 
My computer is acting funny.  Got rid of a virus today, but still doing strange stuff.. will have to get the geek back here.

Mom eats whatever we fix.  We are doing a lot of soups right now and cakes.  Paula and Tony eat beef; I'll do hamburger if I can have it in chili, but prefer not.  I'll eat Pork, but stay away from poultry as it just gags me. 
Our diets are out the window right now.  To quote Grandmother, we're fat, sassy and happy.
xxoo ts

Please do us a favor.  Please order turkey or beef or buffalo from us.
And it would be much appreciated if you would put it on autoship for delivery every month. Then you would be getting it wholesale.  Very reasonable, and good!  No hormones, no preservatives, no pesticides, no artificial stuff.  Even some are organic!  You see, if 6 of you do this, then ours is free!  And if you do the same, yours is free too!  Even free shipping.  :-)  Thanks, Dee and Roy xxoo  See our Jerky Blog:

What's this?
Whatever it is, it changes from time to time. 
Dee and Roy :-)

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