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Friday, April 22, 2005

Who is 'Father Augustine' ?

Me neither.. I don't have a clue as to who 'Father Augustine' or 'Loufamoso' are. A lot of people are getting the same 'feelings' .. I sometimes get ridiculed by a couple of people for mentioning them. (fear?) What Fr. Augustine has shared with us goes along with a lot of other predictions, prophecies, Marian warnings, etc., 'church approved' or not. 
Anyone getting the number 23 a lot lately?  ( A friend left with her children for Machu Pichu this weekend to be out of Florida due to her overwhelming feelings of needing to be gone this weekend.  Her house is on 'Battersea' road.. what a name!)
The Bible Code per Tom Mack, said that killing Terri was planned in order to  'open the pit' to release dire evil upon the earth.. and the Roman Catholic church 'approved' mystic Maria Esperanza said that the death of an innocent person this year, would allow 'all hell to break loose' and there would be the beginnings of the earth breaking up in 2005. Also a lot of good, too.   Indeed that is happeing..  Where there were 12 continental plates, geologists have now discovered there are 13.  The newly broken off Australian plate is turning counter clockwise and pushing up against the Indian plate.  They were not too long ago, one continental plate, the Indo-Australian.  This is scientific fact.
Sister Lucia, the Fatima visionary, was told that she would live through the beginning of the happenings of the Third Secret of Fatima.  She died Feb. 13 this year.
Father Augustine, though, would do better to rest in the comfort of knowing that he  is following a Heavenly call and so long as he stays right with the Lord and keeps choosing Him, he need not be afraid or sad.  Take heart.. time is fleeting...'This too, shall pass'.
Terri was definitely an 'innocent' tortuous sacrifice (of 13 days) done in the open as referred to in the below note.
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Subject: PREDICTION: Father Augustine - Prediciton for April 22, 2005
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 05:42:41 -0500
From: luckypig
Sent: 4/21/2005 11:03:11 PM
Subject: PREDICTION: Father Augustine - Prediciton for April 22, 2005

before you ask me .... I have not a clue who Father Augustine is, but you know me, I always pass on predictions for you to read or delete ... anyway, here is one...
talking of this summer as well .....
Subject: Father Augustine - Prediciton for April 22, 2005

My name is Father Augustine. I do not seek fortune and fame. I am a
tortured soul who turns too much to drink these days, having lost
the support of the church I love.

My "sin" has been to articulate these overwhelming Feelings that
come to me from time to time on forums such as the one you have
here. I cannot call them visions. I cannot call them dreams. Yet
they nag away at me, increasingly dominating my every thought until
I have disclosed them. I am not then left in peace, for what will
happen will still happen I fear, but my mission seems complete when I have
conveyed the Feelings that overwhelm me.

As a people we have lost sight of the things that matter. we have
forgotten that the true currency of the world comes in the
satisfaction of the soul and that satisfaction comes in the form of
a willingness in thought and deed to put the needs of others before
our own. Everything on earth is of no value except the state of our
souls for it is that which will determine our entry to the Kingdom.
From possession of the finest lands to the most terrible of painful
diseases, everything else is of no consequence.

And as a people we need reminders. God is merciful, He will give us
every chance to see the light, but He will not force us towards it.
Free will is free choice. Our Father loves us but needs our actions
to be borne out of love for Him and desire to do His Will. The fear
of God needs to be a fear that comes from love, the fear of our
actions causing Him sadness.

With every sign He hopes that more will walk toward the light, for
the signs will not be many now and the time will not be long.

The world will stop and look upon the sign on 22nd April 2005. Some
will dismiss it and walk away. The Feeling does not afford me a
sense of whether what happens on that day will be an act of Nature
or of Man. It may not even be a disaster in the way we have come to
recognise how they occur.

But the world will know the sign has been sent and those who have
their doubts will know that time has come to commit themselves to
Our Lord or walk away with those whose only inheritance will be the
ashes of the earth.

I will not post again here. My work is done, my medium is found. I
give you all my fondest wishes and will pray for you as I hope you
will pray for me.
This year opens the door to monumental change. What is to happen
between the years of 05 and 06 will be beyond *eye-opening*, they
will be heartfelt and mind-altering in both the Natural and Man-made
apocalyptic magnitudes never before known.

I see huge Natural disasters happening this summer and fall that
will be far reaching into the financial and governmental policies
world wide, to be followed next year in Major War outbreaks all over
the world which will open the floodgates of even more severe Natural
Disasters from the Heavens..

The loss of the Innocence, and the Blessed, was the key to stopping
the forces of Darkness, that prospers within all Governmental
Bodies, to turn away from it`s path, before the *Intervention*, and
take heed to the Righteous.

I believe the "Stage" is now set, and this play must now continue to
it`s climatic conclusion.

I think now that the *milk of innocense* has been spilt in the
*light of day* it is time for the 8.6 quake someplace in or around
Eureka to take place. This appeared to be one of the Last natural
disasters of my experience which precludes the start of all other
Disasters [Natural & Man made] before the final sign shown me of the
Twin Arrows thru Orion.


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