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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Something is ocurring in outer space which is affecting our planet....


Even the weather prognosticators and scientists, always ready to call unusual events "normal" by pulling out an ancient fact or two from some prior abnormal event, are admitting that things now are not what they were and that we could be facing massive catastrophes. These aren't prophecy devotees by any means, and they are usually the first to deny that things are really abnormal. Too much is obvious to far too many people to say things are normal now, so the mantra has changed to studying how we can scientifically predict massive destructive events, earthquakes in particular.

It is also being admitted that the United States very well could see massive movement of tectonic plates that would produce devastating earthquakes. "Earthquakes in divers places" used to be the proclamation of Bible students who could be pooh-poohed by the intelligentsia. No longer. Earth's fragility, somewhat stable in certain regions for years, decades or centuries is now a topic for scientific investigation and reporting.

The U.S. Geological Survey has earthquake maps that are accessible via the internet, and I've been watching those for years. There appears not only to be increased seismic activity in the "ring of fire" but in many other places, particularly the ocean floor. The December, 2004 quake in Sumatra and the ensuing tsunami made people all over the world aware of just how devastating and widespread these events can be. The next question on people's minds is, "could it happen here?" (Some things still get people's attention.)

Above the earth, things aren't very quiet either. With or without any "Planet X" something is occurring in outer space, and for a long while there was an article kept on this machine reporting a conversation with a scientist who said that if a major asteroid that would cause worldwide catastrophic damage and death were on a collision course with earth, they would not release that information to the public to prevent panic. ....

End of Excerpt

I remember reading that same article about how the government scientists, meteorologists.. would not release that information.... I don't think it would cause panic.. I mean, we've been warning, and we've been being warned  so many times by our loving Creator and his field workers, that it just brings a 'ho hum', so the sky's falling, so what.  But not all of us are bored by this, some of us are making sure we're right with God and with our neighbor, and not killing disabled people. 

And some of us are still making the almost unheard clarion call to awake, Awake..

Lord forgive us.  Angels protect us, please.

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