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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Earthquakes, volcanoes, when and where? Earth Krakatoing up?

Thanks, Janis!
Perhaps this Passover weekend - which is also the Greek Orthodox Easter,
might be very significant in earth movements - Someone did give me a prophecy of April 24th being a date for a tsunami here in Florida..that could be possible due to Mt. Teide in the Canary Islands.   However, I feel it may be more in the ongoing troubled Indonesian areas according to what's already happening there and also Timothy Snodgrass' feelings on the South Pacific.  
Maybe the Canary will chirp, er, burp later this year... Like around mid August? 
love, deexxoo
"Wayfarer Nine" <>  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
To: "Carolyn Kleintank" <>
CC: "Phoenix Quest" <>
Subject: 9 volcanoes on eruption alert in Indonesia
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 14:42:56 -0500
I get the feeling that if major eruptions are triggered from 2 or more of these volcanos - especially if one of them is Krakatoa - the world will be in for a very cold summer with an increase of violent hurricanes, monsoons, and tornados.  The ash propelled into the atmosphere and caught on the winds, will quickly engulf the planet, blocking out the warmth of the sun.  There have already been predictions by the weather bureau for 13 named hurricanes in the US, with 3 to 5 of those to be above category 3. And that is just for this year.  Janis  Wayfarer  ONLY LOVE PREVAILS  From: TimeStar  Sent: 4/17/2005 1:24:03 PM   Nine volcanoes are at elevated alert levels in Indonesia, an extreme condition for the area.  Please note solar activity has been minimal  and the geomagnetic field is calm.  Solar and geomagnetic indices influence earthquake and volcanic activity, but these are certainly not the only factors as indicated by this extreme activity.    Krsanna  Volcano Alerts in Indonesia  Friday 15th April 2005    Nine volcanoes are at raised alert level according to Volcanological  Survey of Indonesia.    1) Marapi (Sumatra), alert level II (yellow)    2) Talang (Sumatra), alert level IV (red), erupted on 12th April.    3) Krakatau (Sunda Strait), alert level II (yellow).    4) Tangkuban perahu (Java), alert level III (orange).    5) Semeru (Java), alert II (yellow).    6) Egon (Flores), alert level III (orange)    7) Karangetang (Sulawesi), alert level III (orange)    8) Lokon (Sulawesi), alert level II (yellow)    9) Dukono (Maluku), alert level II (yellow).  

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