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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunburn not from the sun

What do you think? Do you think this is true?

From: J R []
Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2004 4:51 PM
Subject: Sunburn not from the sun

Most people will shut down their thought processes the minute the name Bill
Clinton comes up, but this report is very important as we are in the end
game slot now in a major conflict with China.

During Clinton's years he sold, allowed stolen and even provided some of the
most advanced technology America ever produced to the Communist Chinese all
for the purpose of funding his re election.
The Chinese bought our computer systems, stole our nuclear codes and
research and via Clinton helping Russia they now have the checkmate to our
carrier task forces in a war.
The checkmate is called the Sunburn.

The Sunburn in its original form was unreliable, slow, fell off target and
most of the time did not function. Clinton though allowed in a trade deal
which included our corporations actually rebuilding the Sunburn to make it
into thee fastest and most deadly nuclear tipped cruise missile in the

The Sunburn or SS-N-22 now has extreme range, can fly on the deck, carry
nuclear warheads and do it all with pin point accuracy at mach speeds.
It will launch off of sea or air essence China has the
ultimate weapon.

To further complicate matters, China has the new SU-30 figher jet out of
Russia which in controlled wargames with India beat the older versions of
our F 15 in combat.

Added to the pot Clinton stirred is the ICBM DF5 ballistic missile which can
reach America now with nukes...and the full line of missiles from DF41,
DF31, JL2, DF25, DF21, JL1, DF15 and the DF11 all capable....and all very
much showing China has been preparing for war with America as they stated.

They have a nuclear sub which means ICBM missiles....added to this mix they
have secretly come out with a new attack submarine designed to hunt and
destroy our carriers in a Taiwan invasion.....and Taiwan is the focal point
in all of this in removing the American presence from China this
past week staged an island invasion in practice to let Taiwan know that if
it keeps up with the thought that freedom actually means you are
free.....the Communists will not abide by that.

The Chinese are currently mining our technology over a joint space plan with
NASA called the Shenzhou spacecraft.....and yes just like Bill Clinton the
Communist Chinese are pouring money illegally into John Kerry's willing
pockets via LORAL.
If Americans put Kerry in the White House.....the Chinese will have their
chosen man to betray America again.

Their modernization includes Army:
Russian T-80U Main Battle Tanks,

Type 093 Nuclear Attack Submarine, Type 094 Nuclear Powered Ballistic
Missile Submarine, 887EKM KILO Class Attack Submarine, KILO 636/ 636M Class
Attack Submarine, 039 SONG Class Attack Submarine, 956E and 956EM
SOVREMENNIY Missile Destroyer, No. 168 and 170 Class Air Defense Destroyer,
European and Russian Systems for the Type 054 Frigate,

MOSKIT Supersonic Anti Ship Missile,Novator CLUB-S Anti-Ship Missile
Complex,ONIKS/YAKHONT Anti-Ship Missile, Russian Naval Surface-to-Air
Missiles and Technology SA 6, 7, 12; KASHTAN Close-in Weapon System, Full
armament of Russian Torpedoes, Kolchuga radar systems, HELIX Anti-Submarine
Warfare Helicopter.

Su-27SK FLANKER fighter, Su-27UBK FLANKER fighter, Su-30MKK/MKK2 (best
production fighter currently in the world), Shenyang J-11, Shenyang J8II,
Chengdu J-10, Chengdu J-10A , JF-17 THUNDER, J7 (western technology
upgrade), European and Israeli and AWACS, Beriev A-50E MAINSTAY AWACS,

Ilyushin Il-76MD/TD CANDID Transport, MIDAS Aerial Refueling Aircraft,
Russian Vympel R-27 air to air missile, Vympel R-77E air to air missile,
Louyang PL-12/SD-10 Air-to-Air Missile, (AA-11 ARCHER) Helmet Sighted
Air-to-Air Missile, Python 4 Short-Range AAMs, AS-14 KEDGE) Ground Attack
Missile, KRYPTON) Anti-Radar/Anti-Ship Missile, KAZOO ground attack missile,
Interest in Russian long range Backfire bomber.

Missiles: House Select Committee on U.S. National Security concerning the
PeopleƂ?s Republic of China notes., The Communist Chinese stole information
on the following U.S. nuclear warheads: W-56 on the Minuteman II ICBM; W-62
on the Minuteman III ICBM; W-70 on the Lance SRBM; W-76 on the Trident C-4
SLBM; W-78 on the Minuteman III Mark 12A ICBM; W-87 on the Peacekeeper ICBM;
and the W-88 on the Trident D-5 SLBM and may have acquired nuclear weapons
codes for US Missiles.
*Note: Secret Service reports in gaurding President William Clinton that he
"lost" the nuclear football codes without explanation and the codes to
launch our missiles were never recovered.
Conclusion: The Communist Chinese have advanced in Thermobaric bombs,
Stealth technology, biological weapons (SARS), Electromagentic pulse
weapons, nano technology, Computer warfare, hypersonic and unmanned
vehicles, space technology and advanced naval weapons platforms.
Americans funded this upgrade by COSCO and Walmart mass purchases.

The Communist Chinese have now developed into a large threat to the United
States of America, it's allies, it's armed forces and it homeland proper,
inflicting via control of the Panama Canal from Jimmy Carter, the California
Naval yards turned over by Bill Clinton and the trade imbalance offers the
context of a huge economic collapse along with mass casualties on the US
mainland in the event of a nuclear exchange which China can absorb, but
would devastate American infrastructure for 20 to 50 years over a Taiwan

Tui infrimitas Deus vis

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And I add different ones from time to time:

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