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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Facebook Quietly Silencing Donald Trump Supporters With 30-Day Bans While Allowing Anti-Semitic Groups To Thrive — GreedyPicks

Censored post by Facebook, resulted in a 30-day ban. 

Facebook Quietly Silencing Donald Trump Supporters With 30-Day Bans While Allowing Anti-Semitic Groups To Thrive — GreedyPicks:
The illicit post read:
Donald Trump is not anti Muslim. He is anti ISIS. What Trump is trying to say is that Homeland Security can not differentiate which Muslim is radical (sic) wanting to cause harm and which is a harmless refugee. This is why nothing gets done. We are too busy being politically correct. Who is willing to sacrifice their family’s safety for the sake of political correctness? Are you? #TRUMP2016

Was just viewing videos on and one titled ‘Trump: ‘The establishment is foolish’ is showing it is no longer available because the youtube account has been terminated. Further investigation shows this video is embedded fromthis article on
YouTube Censorship VIA Social Media Manipulation Going After Donald Trump
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