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Friday, February 06, 2015

Arhata and Bodhisattava

The more I learn of Arhata, the more I do not like it. This is a 'new age' self-flattering excuse to do as you please - never mind loving your neighbor as yourself.  

This philosophy should be appealing to certain types that can tell themselves that they are holier than thou, above it all, better than you. 

True nirvana does not preclude an obligation to love one's earthly neighbors, on the contrary, God's gifts of love and peace are meant to be humbly shared.

If you love God with your whole heart and soul, you will automatically love your neighbor as yourself.  Arhata is inconsistent with this. 

Osho ~ Arhata and Bodhisattava

The teachings of Gautam Buddha have created two kinds of seekers: one is called Arhata and the other is called Bodhisattva.

The arhata is someone who makes every effort to become enlightened and once he is enlightened he completely forgets about those who are still groping in the dark. He has no concern with others. It is enough for him to become enlightened. In fact, according to the arhatas, even the great idea of compassion is nothing but again another kind of attachment -- and it has some significance to be understood.

Compassion is also a relationship; howsoever beautiful and great, it is also a concern with others. It is also a desire. Although it is a good desire it makes no difference. According to the arhatas, desire is a bondage whether it is good or bad. The chains can be made of gold or of steel, it doesn't matter; chains are chains. Compassion is a golden chain. The arhata insists that nobody can help anybody else at all. The very idea of helping others is based on wrong foundations. You can help only yourself.

It may occur to the ordinary mind that the Arhata is very selfish. But if you look without any prejudice, perhaps he also has something immensely important to declare to the world: Even helping the other is an interference in his life, in his lifestyle, in his destiny, in his future. Hence, arhatas don't believe in any compassion. Compassion to them is another beautiful desire to keep you tethered to the world of attachments. It is another name -- beautiful, but still just a name for a desiring mind.

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