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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Coming Weeks Will..Well,It's happening..

The Coming Weeks Will Be Rife With Civil Unrest

Guest Blogger, Ken Jorgustin at Modern Survival Blog - 42 minutes ago

While we wait for a jury verdict in Ferguson Missouri, and as a state of emergency is declared by the Missouri governor who has activated the National Guard, and while violent radical ‘professional’ agitators and protestor activist groups have come into the area and have organized and are ready to rumble – Obama is also set to unleash a series of executive orders in the coming weeks on amnesty for illegals.
Others are in place and waiting around the country to ‘burn it all down’ in select major cities following the verdict – all the while the administration will be signing off executive orders for amnesty amidst the chaos.
I have a feeling that the coming weeks are going to be filled with civil unrest…

Did you know this? The day after the November elections, Obama met with Ferguson activists. Yes that’s right. Check it for yourself. The meeting was spontaneous and not on his schedule. This is what he said to these same radicals who are about to blow up Ferguson – “stay on course.” That’s right, that’s what he said.
It seems that the president WANTS civil unrest and is actually encouraging it. Why? Is it racially motivated? Or is it a cover for a distraction while he uses his pen for amnesty for illegals during the same time while cities burn from the Ferguson verdict and consume the news cycles?
An executive order on immigration will ignite a firestorm.
Will civil unrest boil over even more when these executive orders start coming off his desk – upsetting a much larger percentage of the population who are against this? I don’t know… but this is why I have the feeling that the coming weeks might be rife with unrest.
Obama, the community organizer, is apparently about to give the middle finger to the majority of the American people who oppose this. Is he about to provoke and piss off a sleeping giant? Stay alert.
What do you think?

Ken Jorgustin at Modern Survival Blog - 42 minutes ago

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Prophecy Fulfilled,Executive Orders,Like Julius Caesar's"The Die is Cast" Steamrolls Over US

This Prophecy is Already Coming True:

Adding weight to Rev. Pennicuff’s prophetic warning was his statement that God told him he would not be alive to see these things start happening in November 2014.  Rev. Pennicuff went home to the Lord on June 20, 2014.  

Therefore, when he delivered the prophetic warning on November 30, 2013, he also prophesied his own death.  His passing is like the Lord underlining every word in the prophecy. 

A message from Rick Wiles | 11.03.14  


Mr. Obama will suffer a humiliating defeat on Tuesday. The voters will take the Senate from the Democrats and give control to the Republicans. A solid Republican-controlled Senate and House will stand in his way in January 2015. 

Therefore, a humiliated Barry Soetoro will have no other choice on Tuesday night. Metaphorically, I believe Mr. Obama will walk onto the Truman balcony Tuesday night and defiantly shout, “Alea iacta est!” Those are the famous words of Julius Caesar.

President Barack Obama limps into his final two years in office with a vengeance -

With nothing left to lose, and as a Republican blowout in both houses looms mightily this evening, Obama is throwing caution to the wind and preparing to give legal status to nearly 11 million illegals by this Christmas. (via executive order)  He may about to become a "lame duck" president, but his Marxist bag of tricks doesn't seem to be quite empty yet.

Obama will make his move without Congress. Aides said Tuesday that he’d sign an executive order by the end of December giving temporary legal status to many of the 11 million immigrants who are in the country illegally stay and work in the U.S. He’d delayed the order earlier this fall, when endangered Democrats feared that a backlash would cost them their jobs.


Most likely you heard my rebroadcast of two interviews with Pastor T.D. Hale recorded on March 27, 2012 and January 2, 2013.  You know the details of the four dreams he experienced between December 2011 and November 2012.  

You also heard us broadcast the prophetic warning of the late missionary to the Philippines Rev. George Pennicuff that he posted on on November 30, 2013. 

Based on latest news and political rumors, and combined with the prophetic dreams of Pastor Hale and Rev. Pennicuff’s warning, I will summarize what I believe will happen starting Tuesday November 4.  

  • The Democrats will be ousted from control of the Senate.  Control of the Senate will swing to America’s conservative ruling class in the Republican Party.  The Republicans will also sweep control of many state governorships and legislatures.
  • Metaphorically, Barack Obama will shout, “The die is cast!”  He will tell his hardcore communist supporters, “It is all or nothing.  There is no turning back.  We must conquer or die.”
  • Barack Obama will brazenly defy the new conservative U.S. Senate.
  • With lightning speed, he will act immediately in November and December to rule by executive decree.  He will arrogantly mock his critics and dare them to stop his agenda.
  • He will rally the “progressives” to march over the Potomac River with him to their final glory as communist comrades.  In desperation of being the darling of the progressive-socialist-communist faction of America’s Democratic Party, Mr. Obama will promise them everything they’ve ever dreamed of forcing onto America….and he’ll do it through executive orders.
  • He will sign orders to bring 100,000 Haitian refugees to America, grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, cancel the deportation orders for tens of thousands of violent criminals who are in America illegally, hand out permanent residency Green Cards like they’re lollipops, order the military to transport West African Ebola victims to the America and place them in VA hospitals.  These things will start in November and December before the Republican Senate is sworn into office on January 3, 2015.  The newly elected Republicans will be in a state of shock by the time they take their seats in January.
  • As T.D. Hale dreamt, Barack Obama will “shoot the American eagle out of the sky” and declare that his administration will not have to deal with it anymore.  In other words, he will destroy what remains of the old constitutional republic of the United States of America.  In Pastor Hale’s other dream, he saw Mr. Obama twist off the head of the American eagle.  Obama will rally the progressives around him to build a “new American empire of social justice” that transforms the world.  The old republic will be broken into pieces to make way for the “New Atlantis” empire. 

Rev. Pennicuff warned that Barack Obama will bring down persecution on American Christians “with the force of a thunderbolt.”  When I heard him say it, my first reaction was that he misspoke and meant to say “lightning bolt.”  Upon reflection, I no longer think he misspoke.  The Lord told him to say “thunderbolt.”

What is the definition of a thunderbolt?

A thunderbolt is “a person or thing that resembles lightning in suddenness, effectiveness, or destructive power.”  

November and December 2014 will be very dangerous.  In addition to granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, releasing criminals into the streets, importing 100,000 Haitians, and flying Ebola victims to America, Mr. Obama’s progressives (a polite name for communists) will stir up racial hatred in Ferguson, Missouri.  The grand jury is expected to rule any day on whether to criminally charge the white police office with the shooting death of a black man who assaulted the cop in his cruiser.  
The very real possibility of a race riot starting in Missouri this month reminds me of the prophetic vision given to Romanian Pastor Dumitru Duduman in September 1984.  (Rev. Duduman passed away in 1997.)  The angel told Rev. Duduman that “from the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government.  The government will be busy with internal problems.”  Some people who personally heard Rev. Duduman tell the story claim he added that it would be “an internal revolution in America started by the communists.”  

If you are acquainted with his vision, you already know that the next thing the angel showed him was a surprise attack on the United States of America by Russia and a coalition of countries including Cuba and North Korea.  With that in mind, consider the “unusual activity” of Russian nuclear bombers in recent weeks.


And from The Daily Mail


Obama threatens vetoes and executive orders – including immigration reform THIS YEAR – after Americans reject him by giving Republicans historic gains in Congress 

  • 'Congress will pass some bills I cannot sign,' the president warned
  • He has only vetoed  two minor bills since his inauguration in 2009
  • And 'I'll take some actions that some in Congress will not like,' Obama added, referring to threatened executive orders
  • Those include a bold move on immigration 'before the end of the year'
  • President sounded more like a winner than a loser despite his policies being repudiated on a national scale
  • Never articulated a single policy where he would shift his position to align with GOP majorities in both houses of Congress 
'What I'm not gonna do is just wait,' Obama said, pledging to take executive action on immigration by year's end
'What I'm not gonna do is just wait,' Obama said, pledging to take executive action on immigration by year's end....
And he dared the GOP to see things his way.
Executive orders, he said, 'will be replaced and supplanted by a bill from Congress.'
'You send me a bill that I can sign and those executive actions go away.
But he cautioned: 'What I'm not gonna do is just wait.'

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