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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Radiation Reports,Radcon 4,5 ALERTS.

At present, September 13, 2014, not many 4+ radiation levels are being reported across the United States but be ready!

December 24, 2013. Good site to keep up with radiation levels:

See live RADCON map:
Do not forget that the 9/11 attacks took place while drills were being run. Let's pray that something similar does not happen.

Concern/Watch and Alert Sites

Radcon ALERT...Radcon 5 Radiation = Texas Toast 9-12-14

Blogger Dee Rohe note:  Just so happens that Roy and I have recently started watching the Jericho TV series for the first time last week.  No coincidences in God's designs and guidance.
Larry Taylor News Flash ~ September 13, 2014
  [Q-Alert News] Q-Alert News  ~  HAWK: 2 RADCON 5 ALERTS on Texas southern border  HAWK warns of loose buckets of sunshine coming through U.S. southe

Pilot [HD]
In case you wonder what 'loose buckets of sunshine' mean, you have to watch Jericho!

Q-Alert News  ~  HAWK: 2 RADCON 5 ALERTS on Texas southern border  HAWK warns of loose buckets of sunshine coming through U.S. southern border [DISCERN-ALERT] with report on the internet @  ……

Actually we have been having a lot of RADCON ALERTS all along, especially after Fukishima - but we never hear about it in mainstream news, do we?

Published on Jun 1, 2014
Keep ya eyes on this guys you wont see it on mainstream ...god bless jojo from oz

RADCON-4 Concern/Watch
GGood Site -  Reliable but Alert condition not met
UUnreliable  Site -  Unreliable site, not enough data points, and alert condition not met
IInactive Site -  Reach RADCON-4 but went inactive - no more data
List of RADCON-4 sites:
5:208 near Shirley, NY, US2162014-09-13 21:31:00G
5:311 near Philadelphia, PA, US2452014-09-13 21:21:00G
5:321 near Dover, DE, US2102014-09-13 20:38:00U
5:703 near Austin, TX, US2842014-09-13 22:01:00G
5:904 near Los Angeles, CA, US3332014-09-13 20:34:00G
5:913 near Las Vegas, NV, US2052014-09-13 21:15:00G

Christian radio broadcast Friday, September 12, 2014:

  • Howard Uhal · 
    Do not forget that the 9/11 attacks took place while drills were being run. Let's pray that something similar does not happen.

    • Mike Readman ·  ·  Top Commenter
      They were also doing a "drill" during the Boston marathon bombing.

      It's amazing how they run drills and then an actual attack happens at the same time, what are the odds?

    • Lee Yuenger ·  Top Commenter
      London 7-7 bombings was a drill as well.

  • Linda Sue Gooding ·  Top Commenter
    Read "One Second After" for something I consider more likely & far more dangerous than nukes. (And I grew up "ducking & covering.")

    • Michelle Stosur Lane
      what is it?

    • Tom Stiefermann ·  Top Commenter
      Michelle Stosur Lane "One Second After" has Electromagnetic Pulse as the WMD. The story doesn't fully explain how it happens, but the characters presume it is from several nuclear airbursts over the continental US. Almost all modern electronics are fried and the story illustrates how quickly society can become chaos once that happens.
      It is really a good book. I recommend it.

    • "One Second After" is a fictional novel that detailed the high probability of an 'asymmetrical nuclear attack' (an EMP discharge via a high altitude nuke detonation) that (in supported data theory) would destroy anything using high end (transistors & integrated circuits) .
      Congress cited the book in their commission reports on the likelihood of an EMP style of attack. The reality of their findings would be that it would take years (more likely decades) to rebuild the US electrical infrastructure & average estimated of 80% die-off rate due to lack of food/medical transportation within the first year.

  • Jim Duncanson
    What makes them think that they will have any power? A nuclear blast would also destroy all of their electronics.

    • Steve Jones · 

    • Jim Duncanson
      The fact that we are not prepared for a natural or man-made event that causes us to lose all electronics, boggles my mind.

    • Birgit Voluntarist Michael ·  Top Commenter
      THEY don't care, if it made sense they would not be doing it ;)

  • Shane Connor ·  Top Commenter
    Tragically, we have a grossly underutilized defense against nukes that could seriously mitigate their lethality here, and exponentially increase the effectiveness of all first-responders, that few know about, much less appreciate.

    We could instantly render all nukes threatening us (Russian, Chinese, N Korean, Iranian and any terrorist nukes, too.) 90% less lethal, quick as the public is trained up again in the basics of Civil Defense ‘blast & fallout’ survival tactics. First-Responders would then have 90% fewer casualties to focus limited resources towards! Preposterous!?! Google “The Good News About Nuclear Destruction” and see for yourself.

    • Shane Connor ·  Top Commenter
      This deserves repeating, nothing is more cost effective to exponentially increasing the effectiveness of First-Responders than to have thousands fewer casualties to later deal with by having also trained the public beforehand, too, in how they can easily avoid needlessly becoming additional victims. Google “The Good News About Nuclear Destruction” or read it here

    • Joseph Librizzi
      Great post Shane. Thanks for your article: 'The Good News About Nuclear Destruction', everyone should read it.

See live RADCON map:

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