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Monday, September 29, 2014

America the Dumb

Here are examples of the ongoing success of the "Agenda"  in America:

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Just the Moran family?  

You do know what the tongue piercing is for, don't you?  

Agenda, Grinding America Down
Published on Jul 20, 2013

Igor Rafael

If America (USA) fall under the absolute power of progressivism (new name or guise of communism) all of Western civilization is doomed. Cultural Marxism is a cancer that must be excised.

Igor Rafael

 1 month ago

Communism in Latin America progresses through the Sao Paulo Forum led by Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil. Fidel Castro along with several Latin American Communist leaders seized several governments (Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay ...)cc

Documentário que mostra evidências da subversão cultural, seus agentes e táticas para a destruição da sociedade americana por dentro, seus valores e sua moral, afim de justificar a presença de um governo totalitário socialista.

Mostra ligações desde Karl Marx com movimentos radicais revolucionários como feminismo, ambientalismo, movimento gay, etc, autores marxistas como Gramsci, sociedade fabiana, etc, chegando até ao Obama.

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Mostra os alvos, e porquê são atacados, e as ferramentas, e o porquê de serem usadas.

Serve perfeitamente para outros países lutando contra o marxismo cultural, como o Brasil.

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DNC head uncovers evil plot by Republicans to respect U.S. law.  Is illegal immigration illegal?

DNC head uncovers evil plot by Republicans to respect U.S. law. Is illegal immigration illegal?

FanOreilly  May 31, 2011
What part of illegal Democrat voters don't you understand Debbie?

Dr. Michio Kaku Says America Has A Secret Super Weapon


Americans are idiots because of GMOs and fluoridated water. I'll probably be labeled a conspiracy theorist for saying that but whatever. That's the truth and denying it doesn't make it false.
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I don't think telling people to check it out for themself and decide based off of facts that they themselves find is a "phenomenal cop out". The cop out is to tell people this and that site say it my opinion and you should just except what I and a few others say. Both sides of the argument need to be looked at. Thats what reserach is. Each person needs to look for themselves and decide whats best for their family. Listing sites causes people to blindly decide, instead of doing the proper research. Besides, it's not hard to find data on the subject. 
Read more
I suppose I am asking a bit much of you, asking you to have any actual support for your argument is a tall order considering you still cling to your irrational fears despite the mountain of evidence contradicting it
I would hypothesize that a lot of US brain power is taken by entertainment industry. It's become a goal for many youth to become entertainment stars or sports stars. And it shows. Entertainment is top notch in US. It makes USA trillions of income
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It's a huge industry, and huge industries need lots of personnel.

You make a good point

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