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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

SHOCKING Money Restrictions July 1, 2014

We won't even notice at first. 
See Lindsey Williams Video below.

Must Read: Fed Employees Rollout A Bold Idea To Trap The Entire Country’s Wealth

07.01.2014    BY KELLY BROWN

Free market economists are not going to be happy about this...
A major financial news source just published shocking details about a research report by two employees at the Federal Reserve Bank. The 36-page report applauds the use of “capital controls” in global markets.
If you’re unfamiliar with the term “capital controls,” it’s probably because we tend to avoid them in the United States in favor of a free market economy.
Capital controls are simply laws that regulate and restrict what you are allowed to do with your money by regulating the flow of cash in and out of a national economy. The laws define such things as where you can invest your cash and how you can allocate your assets.

If you take a look around the globe, you’ll see several recent examples—almost always from countries experiencing a currency crisis:
  • In Cyprus...some citizens cannot withdraw or write checks for more than €300 per day from their own accounts. These controls were put in place after the Greek debt crisis of 2012 and some are set to continue until year-end.
  • In controls imposed in 2008 have blockaded offshore investors from selling $7.2 billion in assets.
  • In Argentina...citizens must pay an extra tax on vacations abroad.
  • In the Ukraine...recent tensions sparked a series of capital controls. Ukrainians must wait six working days before making any type of foreign currency purchases. In addition, they cannot exchange more than the equivalent of $5,800 USD within a given time period.

From Ron Paul Daily…. (Daily Paul)
Obama’s new July 1st 2014 law will shock most Americans
Dear Reader,
We’ve been critical of several Obama Administration policies over the past few years…
But a new law set to go into effect on July 1st, 2014 (less than six months from now [at time of writing]), might be the Administration’s worst decision yet.
On this date, Title V of House of Representative Bill #2847, known as “FATCA,” goes into effect.
We believe this could precipitate a huge collapse in the U.S. dollar… and a rapid decrease in our standard of living.
Of course, we’re not the only ones who believe this new U.S. law is going to be a disaster for our country and American citizens.

From ron paul daily… obama’s new july 1st 2014 law will shock most americans dear reader, we’ve been critical of several obama administration policies over.

They (gov't) are hiding the bill until it becomes law, it is not intended for the general public to understand let alone find it (2847) is so buried making it too. ....

Elite Not Ready To Collapse Economy YET – no spam

Tim Buttrum via Google+

3 weeks ago

Hard to believe, but even harder to ignore...

+mark choletti I've acquired some OTHER currency, which will probably be worth a heck of a lot more than the USD!  It's just an insurance policy, so to speak...

they have cried wolf so many times. Now when they are really moving out  with the plan...dont nobody care
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"They" purposely "cry wolf" many times so the People won't believe "them" and will not be prepared for when "they" do what "they" plan on doing.

+sal junior
Exactly........I'm glad you see're one of the few who does!!!

Christine LaGarde Reset - Interview With Christine LaGarde IMF


Credit worthiness of a concept ! What a load of shit when we know that the credit is created straight off the backs of the workers. 

Absolutely correct, in fact nothing can get done without a human being producing it which means all value comes from us and not the banks as they claim.
Lagarde is trying to say "A world like the Hunger Games is coming because that's what the ultra rich want, however, the transition to that world, could backfire"

Joe Renaud 2 months ago (edited)
The US of America is a corporation, want proof.

Far North Weaver 3 weeks ago
What she's talking about has nothing to do with growth, except for in her and her gangs' pockets. That quantitative easing crap, is systematically destroying entire countries all over the world. And will continue to do so under the tenets of this female criminal managing the world's finances??

She's either extremely stupid or criminally insane...or both.
She's a Marxist.


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