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Thursday, July 31, 2014

3rd American Is Infected with Ebola-Borders Closing

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In a desperate attempt to reduce the spread of Ebola, Liberia has closed its borders, declared public gatherings illegal, and placed entire communities under quarantine. While the death toll escalates across West Africa, an increasing number of medical workers have also contracted the highly contagious virus including 2 Americans. A third American died of the disease in Nigeria last week. 

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has closed all but 3 of her country’s borders to halt the outbreak from spreading to other countries. Border crossings into Guinea and Sierra Leone remain open. The first reports of the West Africa Ebola outbreak appeared in Guinea back in February before spreading to Liberia and Sierra Leone. Guinea’s neighbor, Senegal immediately closed its land border to protect its people from the contagion.

Ebola fears hit close to home

By Jacque Wilson, CNN
updated 10:38 AM EDT, Wed July 30, 2014
(CNN) -- Patrick Sawyer had one stop to make before heading home to Minnesota to celebrate his daughters' birthdays: a conference in Lagos, Nigeria.
But when he landed in Lagos, Sawyer, 40, collapsed getting off the plane. He had been infected with Ebola in Liberia, where he worked as a top government official in the Liberian Ministry of Finance.
Fear as Americans are infected with Ebola
Dr. Gupta dispels Ebola myths
Doctor: Ebola unlikely to spread to cities

Sawyer was isolated at a local Nigerian hospital on July 20. He died five days later.

Liberia Closes Borders as 3rd American Is Infected with Ebola | NationofChange:

Where is it happening?
Up until this past week, the Ebola outbreak had been contained to three West African countries: Guinea, where it began, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Sawyer is the first known case outside of these three countries.
As of July 23, the World Health Organization had confirmed more than 800 Ebola cases in the region, but suspects there have been many unreported infections and there may be more like 1,200 cases. Sierra Leone has been hardest hit with approximately 525 cases.
How many people have died?
American doctor battling Ebola
One American dies from Ebola
Ebola outbreak kills an American
The World Health Organization says as of July 23, there have been 456 confirmed Ebola deaths, and another 216 suspected deaths, bringing the number possibly to more than 670.
The country of Guinea has the most suspected deaths. The epidemic has been in that country longer. It is believed the epidemic began in the nation's capital of Conakry.
While international leaders have mobilized to fight the epidemic, it can be a difficult one to stop. It is so highly infectious that it typically kills 90% of those who catch it. The death rate in this particular outbreak had dropped to roughly 60% since it has been treated early in many instances. There is, however, no Ebola vaccination.
Have other Americans been infected?

Last week, two American aid workers in Liberia's capital city, Monrovia, were confirmed to have the disease. Doctors and medical staff are particularly vulnerable to the virus because it spreads through exposure to bodily fluids from the infected. It can also spread through contact with an object contaminated by an infected person's bodily fluids.


This virus can be spread through the air and it is bull shit that all of the western media is saying that this can only be spread through contact with bodily fluids.  There was a study that was done that showed Ebola is able to spread through air via droplets from a sneeze or cough.  This is scary because this misinformation is preventing people from taking the appropriate measures needed to stop them from getting sick and Dying.. This is a very big deal and it needs to be brought to peoples attention.  If this makes it to the states get ready for mass pandemonium..
lol,..nobody cares.  Our government just let a massive number of refugees from Central America flood across our borders unobstructed!!!   I wonder how many of them were infected???  Guess what,..those refugees were dispersed across the entire USA!  You can't make this shit up,...we got people in power purposely sabotaging entire Nations.  UK, France, and USA are just a few countries where immigration has been totally out of control for decades!.....whatever happens..WE ASKED FOR IT!  Liberalized society has brought this upon itself,...write it on our Tombstones,..we are fucked!
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Yes, what worries me the most about the Ebola virus is that it is a ready made biological WMD with an incubation period which readily lends itself to deliberate (suicidal) dispersal, especially in the context of our modern day highly mobile society. Just the economic effects of such a WMD suicide strike could alone be unimaginable, depending upon the location, nature and scope of its dispersal. Our world really needs to take this biological threat FAR MORE SERIOUSLY than it has up until now!

(PS - If you all are dependiing upon no one being insane enough to do this to themselves, please note that terrorists would easily have plenty of time to blow themselves up with conventional explosives before they ever became seriously ill with Ebola.) - Rick Carter
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+TheOrthelion It really represents a collective death wish in our vulnerable world, to allow a deadly organism like this to simply float around in the public domain for anyone to collect and potentially use. Deadly organisms like this need to be isolated and eliminated, if we don't want them to eventually (not if, but when) fall into terrorist hands.Please don't tell me we don't have the international resources to do this! - Rick Carter
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