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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

M370 is in Pakistan- U.S.General

Photo Credit - The News Tribe

Retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney — the recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Air Medal with 17 oak-leaf clusters, Distinguished Service Medal and other honors — is suggesting searchers looking for the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 take a look at possible landing spots in Taliban-controlled Pakistan.

In an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News, McInerney, now a contributor to the network, said his recommendation was based on information from sources he was unwilling to disclose on television as well as the analysis of an intelligence service called LIGNET.
McInerney said the free world needs to be worried until the location of the jet, which disappeared March 8 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, is determined.
“My concern is if this airplane could be used as a bearer of a weapon of mass destruction or even conventional munitions that could attack a carrier, Israel, our allies,” he said. “We have to be very alert until we know exactly where this airplane is.”

“Pakistan dismissed the idea that a Boeing 777 could land undetected inside the country but promised to work with the Malaysian government in its search for the missing plane,” the report said.
A LIGNET analyst, however, “received information from a source at Boeing that the company believes the plane did land in Pakistan.”
Israel, consequently, is mobilizing air defenses and scrutinizing approaching civilian aircraft, according to the Times of Israel.
A Boeing 777, LIGNET noted, requires a 7,500-foot runway, which are available in Pakistan, “meaning Flight 370 could conceivably be hidden in a hangar inside the country.”
“U.S. surveillance of the area may be able to shed light on the theory through satellite imagery or signals intelligence.”
McInerney said the LIGNET details aligned with what his sources revealed, but he was not at liberty to disclose more information.
“That’s all I want to say,” he told Hannity.

Before it's News:  
Susan Duclos

Report from Russia claims the missing airliner is in Pakistan

This was published on March 31, 2014 and the page has been translated from Russian to English, so the quoted portion is not grammatically correct:

“Missing March 8 on Malaysia Airlines airliner with 227 passengers on board and 12th members of the crew captured and is southeast of Kandahar, in Afghanistan, near the border with Pakistan. Aircraft stands on a small” rural “road with a broken wing – t . liner is alleged to have committed a hard landing. All passengers alive, divided into seven groups and live in a “mud hut” from hand to mouth. From the aircraft were captured about 20 Asian Professionals, the capture of which was necessary, presumably, the American side. Ie this hijacking – someone’s order. ” All this correspondent “MK” on condition of anonymity said a source in the security services.

(Near Chaman. To the south-east of Kandahar. Reader “Oleg” April 2, 2014 at 12:05 in the comments on the site “MK” posted a link to an object like a plane with a broken wing, standing on the border with Pakistan.)

GR Blogger Note: Why is the above photo so blurred? Our satellites can get clearer photos, surely Russia's can also.  Where are the coordinates?  This makes me suspicious.

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