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Monday, August 19, 2013


That is a LOT of BULL! 

GMO Super Beef 

This amazing super species of cattle is known to have more than 40% additional muscle mass. They gain weight amazingly fast, and produce high protein milk for their Calves.

What is hidden from the general public, is the fact that these Bulls are Genetically Modified.
Their tongues, being mostly muscle are swollen causing difficulty in eating and earlier death.
Also painful strain in standing and walking, causes many problems.  Poor critters! 

And from China which claims to be FIRST:

Chinese don't have a real photo?...These are them?  Skinny Minny 
Above Image Credit: smereka / Shutterstock
Scientists at the Beijing University of Agriculture have genetically modified a pair of calves in an attempt to make their meat more tender, tastier, and more appealing to discerning palates.
Professor Ni Minhong and colleagues at the school’s department of advanced science and technology produced a pair of cloned cows, named Jing Qin 1 and Jing Qin 2, that had been implanted with an extra gene, Telegraph Science Correspondent Richard Gray reported on Sunday.
That gene is designed to increase the amount of fat contained in their muscles, and the scientists hope that it will lead to the development of a high-quality cut of beef that can rival gourmet wagyu or Kobe beef, Gray said. To date, Ni’s team has spent three years on their research, though they will have to wait until the calves mature and are slaughtered before they can truly discover whether or not they have succeeded or failed.
“Through this project we will be the first in the world to successfully create transgenic cows with fatty acid binding protein,” the professor told The Telegraph. “Unlike pork where leaner is better, a good amount of muscle fat content is one of the key elements when it comes to characterizing beef quality“¦ After more research it may be possible to achieve ideal marbling of meat in domestic cattle and provide an alternative to imported high-grade meat.”
Mega Blue (Belgian)

“Given the GM crops that are more scientifically mature than the meat, but which are still controversial in terms of their possible affects on the human body, it will take at least a decade to prove GM beef is safe before it can be sold commercially,” he added.
It has also drawn some criticism from animal rights groups as well, according to the Telegraph.

The cows at the center of the study are a Chinese-exclusive breed known as Qinchuan, and they were born at the Comprehensive Experimental Base of Beijing University of Agriculture in Daxing district, according to Yin Yeping of the Global Times. Two hundred female cows had been implanted with genetically modified embryos, and seven became pregnant, but only two were born alive — the first on July 19 and the second on August 1 — Yeping added. DOES THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING? Mother Nature might know best.

Super Cow 02
Bulgin' Belgian Blue Cow
Earlier on we had the incredible hulk dog, Wendy the Whippet. This time meet Belgian Blue Cattle which is famous for their double muscling due to a gene that suppresses the production of Myostatin. This breed produces extraordinary amounts of meat but critics call Belgian blues ‘monster cows’ and some countries have advocated to eliminate the strain. Check out more of Belgium Blue Cattle with 18 more pics after the jump.

Super Cow 06
Super Cow 03
Hi Honey,  I'm B,B and Beautiful

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Incredible hulk cow
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1 comment:

  1. This is yet ANOTHER example of the egregious exploitation and torture of helpless animals by those who would seek outrageous profits from engineering and hybridizing livestock for the sole purpose of breeding a superior table product.

    Therefore, I would like to be the FIRST to volunteer my PERSONAL time, supervision and participation in ridding the planet of these horrible monstrosities, ESPECIALLY the Belgian Blue variety.

    Hmmm, Let's see, we'll start RIGHT AWAY with a late Summer Texas style Chuck Wagon STEAK FEST, then move on to Kansas City, Memphis, Louisville, and Pittsburgh for regional B.B.Q. contests ; by about that time the ski crowd in the Rockies ought to be getting hungry for some beef stew or pot pies . . .


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