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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Mexico-SEVEN Feet of HAIL,Landslide,7 Dead,7 Places

Extreme Weather in Central Mexico–SEVEN Feet of Hail and Landslide 
 – MAY 31, 2013

At least 22 vehicles were dragged into a canyon in the town of Tepeji del Rio, Hidalgo, following severe weather on Sunday as the whirlwind accompanied by hail hail that accumulated up to seven feet high.

Filiberto Reyes Villa, a resident of Tepeji del Rio, Hidalgo, said: “It started to hail and lasted one hour exactly, began to collect the water of the two canyons and began to bring the cars.”

Fernando Miranda, mayor of Hidalgo, said: “We have approximately 15 damaged vehicles washed away, in total we estimate about seven communities affected.”

“The house if you can see has feet of ice in them, it looked about two meters high,” said Jorge Garcia, Tepeji neighbor River.

The neighbors were alarmed and climbed to roofs to escape the flood.

Fernando Moctezuma, Hidalgo government secretary, said: “15 vehicles were carried through the channels by hail that reached almost seven feet tall”.

At kilometer 71 of the Mexico-Queretaro highway, a landslide buried 5 vehicles.

“Unfortunately, until now we have a report of seven people died in what is the highway,” said Moctezuma Fernando Pereda, Hidalgo Government Secretary.

During the early hours of Monday authorities began assessing the damage.


May 27, 2013, SEVEN feet of hail in Mexico, 3 feet of snow in New York State

Posted in the Winchester Forum

777 - Seven feet of hail, 
Seven communities affected, 
Seven People died. 

777 - The “Key” to Eschatology
The Perfect Number of Completion
by Paul Sides

The key to unlocking the “sealed” prophecies concerning the mystery of the Second Coming is the perfect number of completion… 777.  The number 777 is as important to understanding the timing of the Second Coming as 666 is to identifying the False Messiah who fakes the second coming.  The number 777 identifies the true coming, where the number 666 identifies the fake.  It is that simple.

777, the number of completion, it is the date the Millennial Reign begins.  

The 7th Jewish holy month of the 7th year of the 7th millennium.  On this date:

The marriage feast between the Messiah and His bride begins. 

The Feast of Trumpets takes place, which heralds the Second Coming. Yahshua returns to Earth on the Seventh Trumpet of the Feast of Trumpets (September 13, 2007).

So we know that Yahshua returns on the Feast of Trumpets in the year of completion.  Which is September 13, 2007.  

Let’s look a little deeper into this date to confirm: 

This date is exactly 1 generation (40 years and 120 days) from when the Fig Tree sprouted its leaves (Israel regained the Temple Mount and Jerusalem) on June 7th, 1967.  Fulfilling Yahshua prophecy of the Fig Tree in Matthew 24.

This date is also exactly 7-tribulation years from the end of the 6th prophetic day (September 13, 2000) fulfilling the prophecy of the 7-year tribulation.

This date is exactly 14-years from the beginning of Daniels 70th Week (September 13, 1993).  Fulfilling the prophecy of “7-Good Years of Joseph” and “7-Bad Years of Jacob”.

So as we can clearly see, 777 is truly the number of completion.  This date completes the generation prophecy, the 14-year period of Joseph and Jacob prophecy, and the 7-year tribulation prophecy.  And this date ends all forms of human and satanic government completing God's destined 6 millenniums of human government.  And this date is the Jewish New Year, beginning the 7th Millennium of Divine Government under the King of Kings.

And so in the 7th Holy Month of the 7th year of the 7th Millennium… God’s Plan is complete… 

Yahshua the Messiah returns as King of Kings to reign physically for the rest of eternity.
The number 777 represents the perfect date of completion and the beginning of the Millennial Reign... September 13, 2007 the date of the return of the King.  

For a detailed breakdown of the Timeline given by YHWH through His prophets, read... especially Chapter 4 free on-line.

The Number 777

NOTE: Please read "Identity of The Beast"
The number seven has deep spiritual significance. It has been held sacred by the Hebrews and other Semite peoples since the dawn of time. It represents perfection and holiness. It is used throughout the Scriptures and in this sense is the Almighty's Number. We read of:
  • Samson's seven locks of consecration. (Judges 16:13-19)
  • The seven pillars of wisdom's house. (Proverbs 9:1)
  • The sevenfold sign of total commitment and dependence (2 Chron. 29: 20-21)
  • The seven lambs to attest the conclusion of a peace treaty. (Genesis 21:28-30)
  • The seven fold sprinkling of blood before cleansing was complete. (Lev:16:19)
  • The seven week count to Pentecost, the seven year count to the sabbatical year and the seven times seven year count to the Jubilee year. (Lev. 23:15, Lev.25:1-9)
  • The seven candlesticks, seven churches, seven stars, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven thunders, and seven plagues mentioned in the book of Revelation etc.
In addition to these examples, and there are many more, the Almighty has blessed each seventh portion of time in The Sacred Calendar:   the The Seventh Day of the Week,   the seventh year and also the seventh thousanth year period referred to by Bible students as the Millennium. Together with the Festivals of the God of Israel these all express the concept of totality, maturity, holiness and absolute perfection.
To us in A Voice In The Wilderness the triple sevens (777) numerically symbolize Yahweh, the Father of Yahshua the Messiah. He is the pinnacle of perfection, power and purity. The number 777 may also be the numeric value of some word or group of words: we do not know. Satan has hijacked this number and uses it in all kinds of bizarre ways; but as far as Scripture is concerned, seven is the number of perfection and holiness. To us in A Voice In The Wilderness the number 777 numerically expresses the Almighty's Truth as regards His 7th day Sabbath, His 7 annual Sabbaths, His 7th year Sabbath and His 7th thousand year Sabbath - the millennium. We could go further and write 7777777 - ad infinitum, or 70 times 7, with each additional seven representing another perfect revelation of His character: but 777 will do for the time being.
By contrast the treble sixes - 666 - represent Satan the perfection of imperfection: the unholy and immature one: the one who will always fall short of Yahweh's moral stature just as the number 6 will always fall short of the number 7. Perhaps that is why Satan seeks to abolish every sacred seventh portion of time in the calendar of the Almighty: because his evil mind is totally incapable of ever matching the majesty, might and maturity of Yahweh the Holy One of Israel.

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