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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Absolute Chaos in Parts of New York City

 "FEMA, the federal agency who’s responsible for responding to natural disasters and emergencies, apparently can’t figure out how to respond to anything. Over a week after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, the agency is still having trouble providing basic emergency supplies and shelter to the affected area.

looters will be shot sign
And now to add insult to injury, FEMA has actually had to shut down emergency relief shelters due to a snow storm that just hit the area.

Is this really what America voted for? We spend billions of dollars a year on this agency and they can’t even handle the one thing their supposed to be able to do; respond to an emergency situation."

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1 comment:

  1. You ask, " Is this really what America voted for? ". The answer should be obvious to those who visited a voting precinct for the recent election. I voted around lunch time and couldn't help but notice the appearance and bearing of the people at the polling place, generally unruly (like a grade school class left unsupervised for too long), poorly dressed for the occasion (flip-flops, cut-offs and cartoon character t-shirts ruled the day, not a single gentleman's tie or ladies skirt was to be found. A single generation ago, adults seen in public dressed like that were called B U M S ). Except for the poll workers, ( God bless 'em, overworked, under staffed, poorly supported and poorly supplied ), the generally poor manners,self indulgent attitude, overall ignorance and broken "street English" of the voters I observed was APPALLING. If what I saw at my polling place on Presidential Election Day is any indication of the condition of this nation's electorate and the people who now make up the main body of those 20 to 45 years old the results of this election come as no surprise at all and may be heralded as the ultimate victory for the progressive movement in America.

    Now that we know how mainstream America feels about it's politics one can only wonder what the reaction might be to an attack by united and organized military forces from outside the U.S. An attack so vicious in nature that our so-called "allies" would be left stunned and unable or scared and unwilling to assist. Would our sovereignty be finally compromised by yet another round of the apologies and finger pointing which have become the signature not only of this so-called administration but of this so-called
    " American " generation as well ? Yes indeed, the days of restful sleep may be gone forever.



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