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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Typhoon Guchol takes aim at Japan, may make landfall Wednesday

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Typhoon Guchol takes aim at Japan, may make landfall Wednesday

by The Extinction Protocol
June 18, 2012JAPAN -

Typhoon Guchol is a category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, with winds of 110 mph, gusting to 130mph. Guchol is on a path to southern Japan, where it is expected to make landfall Tuesday evening. The typhoon is moving north-northeast at 20 mph, and has been weakening, a trend that the Joint Typhoon Warning Center thinks will continue. Guchol's eye is completely clouded over, and the heavy thunderstorms on the west side of the typhoon have weakened, possibly due to an increase in wind shear from the west. Both Guchol and Talim, a tropical storm in the South China Sea, are drenched in tropical moisture.

The elements that prevent Guchol from maintaining its strength are increasing wind shear and decreasing sea surface temperature. Guchol is forecast to weaken further as it continues its track northeast toward Japan. Sea surface temperature will decrease as the typhoon moves north out of favorable water, and wind shear is expected to continue to increase. Guchol will probably start to become non-tropical as it makes landfall near Kyoto. However, tropical storm conditions, heavy rain and gusty winds will likely affect a large portion of Japan through Wednesday. The Japan Meteorological Agency forecasts that up to 16 inches of rain (40 cm) is possible from Guchol, and so flash flooding and landslides are a potential hazard from the storm. –Wunderground
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  1. This month of June will be a rainy season in Asia, especially countries that near in Philippines. The typhoon with international name Talim will hit the Philippines and might go to Taiwan, then Japan. It is better to stay in the house to be safe and secure when this time comes.

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