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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kodiak Island UFO Fireball: "mysterious aircraft that seemed to be monitoring the event"

Kodiak Island UFO update

UFO? Artwork by bear99The question remains, what crashed on Kodiak Island? Or didn't crash for that matter. Although dozens of witnesses saw a brilliant fireball in the night sky, evidence of an actual impact or crash site has eluded investigating officials.
Scott Christiansen, the reporter who covered the story for the Kodiak Daily Mirror, thinks it was just a meteor that burned up before actually touching the ground.
"From Homer on the Mainland, one person said it looked as if the object fell
into the bay outside town," Christiansen told Mysterious Universe. "They are more than 100 miles from the eyewitness on Kodiak who believed she was watching an airplane crash."
Eyewitness Julie Harris saw the UFO from Mariner's Beach. She described it as a huge shooting star and she also saw something other eyewitnesses did not report — a mysterious aircraft that seemed to be monitoring the event.
"We jumped out of the truck and looking up to the sky where we had first seen the 'tail'. There was an airplane that seemed to be hovering, watching it," she wrote on the KMXT Web site. "At first we thought maybe it was a flare … that had been shot out of the airplane for some sort of military testing. The plane slowly left the area and did not land at the Homer airport."

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