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Monday, October 01, 2007


Ofuoku, too, dear Barral:
I am not your ma, nor sir, no sir. My personality is indeed highly respected, considering the fact, after the fact.  How did you ascertain this fact?  Your mail is indeed unsolicited.. but I spose that is what Solicitors do for a living. I do make an exception to your apology. 
Did you hear the one about the Barrister who dropped her briefs and became a Solicitor?
Before that she was one hillary respected plaintiff Attorney, but too many clients made complaintiffs about her and that is why she lost so many cases and briefs to boot. She also lost briefcases.  When briefs fall to boots, well, you just gotta know that the elastic is pretty much worn out.  Time to quit and change sinisters.  And change briefs in addition.
Would you kindly send the money in Euros please?  Please inform me of the nearest EuroBank.  If the Amero is ready, I'd just as soon have the money in Ameros, so long it is legal. 
Where is the one United State of America?  Last I checked there were several, but I sposen y'all air referring to one particularly One.  Yes, that is indeed E pluribus Unum. Or perhaps the State itself is not United? Could be disconnected after all, after the fact.  Most States are in a disorganized state, and that is a problem. 
Engr. Marq Greg Blaker was always late, so there's nothing particularly unusual about his being late once again.  He was a contractor of the Federal Government of Nigeria?  Oh my word!  How many contracts did he take out and on whom?  Could be that a contract was put out on his life after all.  Is said and done.
I am so sorry about Eng's family? This is a shock to many.  Was his brother's appellation Chang?  If not, it must indeed be a sorry coincidence to be losing his family, especially in such terrible circumstances. I do hope Chang survived, but t'would be awful in any case.  In fact, I prespose that if Chang survived, he would wish himself also dead, having to be draggin around his Siamese twin's carcass for quite a while.  It is so sad when brothers die and you can't bury the hatchet or the carcass either. 
The deceased's next of kin would be attached.
Dr. Drohen N. Onne

Barrister Albert Ofuoku <> wrote:
Dear Sir/Ma,

Kindly accept my apology for sending unsolicited mail to you. I
believe you are a highly respected personality, considering the fact
that I sourced yourprofile from a human resource profile database on
your country.

I am Barrister Albert Ofuoku (Esq), the Personal Attorney to a Foreign
Contractor, who worked with a Multinational Oil Firm in Nigeria.
I would want to use this medium after going through your profile
to seek for foreign assistance in a business transaction, which is of
mutual benefit.

Late Engr. Mark Greg Blaker, who is from United State of America an Oil
Merchant/Contractor with the Federal Government of Nigeria, who
here-in after shall be referred to as my client, on the January 27th,
2002 my client and his family were among those involved in an Ikeja
bomb blast unfortunately they lost their lives in the process of the
bomb blast, until his death he banked with us at our Bank and had a
closing balance of Twenty Six Million United States Dollars
(US$26,000,000.00) which the bank now expect any of his available next
of kin to claim.

For confirmation, please refer to the links below:,
To this regards, the board of Trustees of the bank have directed me
notify the diseased next of kin, which I have done and found out that
he has no next of kin, which meant that this funds will be lost to the
Government, which we all know will be stolen. In other to avert this
development I now seek your indulgence to have you stand as next of
kin to my late client, so that the fund will be Subsequently
transferred and paid into your foreign account.

On indicating your interest, all documents and proofs to enable you
get this funds will be carefully worked out and we are assuring you a
100% risk free transaction. You will be allowed to retain 40% of the
total amount after the transaction. If this proposal is okay by you,
and you wish to take advantage of the trust bestowed on you, kindly
forward me with your;


To enable me furnish you with relevant details to this transaction. I
await your urgent reply to (

Best regards.

Barrister. Albert Ofuoku.

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