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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jim Caviezel WARNS WORLD of END TIMES (2016)

Some Comments in YouTube, as of May 25, 2016:

Jánice Hodges 
Wow... How Beautiful and uplifting! Thank You ♡

Good for Jim. Most of those in the "business" have gone over to the dark side.
Every Generation, since the Bible was written, talks about the end times and how they are sure it will happen in their lifetimes.  They too read and studied the Bible but you know what it hasn't happened yet nor will it in our lifetimes

Are you so sure of that?
Those who have 'forecast' it in the past, did not really know the Bible. For God specifically said what things would happen & be happening, just prior to His return. Guess what? For the 1st time in the History of the world, we're there.
Of course, no one knows the day, or time/hour. Only God Himself knows that. However, He did tell us to watch for the 'Season'. We are 'in season', now. Not one thing more has to happen to fulfill prophecy, prior to the Rapture.
And after that major world-wide event, the world, as you've known it, will only have 7 yrs. left. So, if you're here for it, start counting......... It's only by His great Grace and Mercy, that He has not pulled the rug out from under us at this point. Only God Himself knows that last heart, that will give themselves over to Him, prior to the Rapture. Wherever that heart is, in this plagued by sin world. When that last person confesses, repents, & asks Jesus in.... He will take out His Church. Not the 'Catholic' church. HIS church. Meaning, those who are HIS, here. Who have confessed Jesus as their Lord & Savior, repented of their sin to Him & follow Him, over man. That is His church. He calls it, His 'Bride'. And they are people from all walks of life, hundreds of different cultures, languages, from other faiths/organized religions they left, & from all over the world. Then, the real chaos begins. As the saying goes, 'All Hell will break loose' here on earth. The whole earth. At the very second from the Rapture. It will set the stage for the Anti Christ spoken of in the Bible. There have been other Anti Christ's, but this is a specific one spoken of. Technically, anyone who is not 'for' Christ, IS 'anti' Christ. As He said Himself, "You are either for me, or against me". There is no middle ground.
This Anti Christ will be ruling the world at one point, soon after. Only b/c he will offer a false sense of peace & security for all. He is a great deceiver & many will fall for him & his lies. As they do today, w/Satan. He will be very charismatic & people will be drawn to him. As people today are drawn to sin so much. We love our sin, don't we? The blind will feel the same toward this abomination. He will even perform what appears to be miracles, to help people 'fall' for him, as 'God'. Only the wise in the Word, will not 'fall'. The 'phony Christians', in 'name only' Christians, will be here still & realize they blew it, big time, at that point. They then, will become, 'genuine' Christians, b/c they will 'know' they need to be & what will be coming. They will combine w/2 Prophets God will send back & 144,000 chosen, who will spread the Word, to those who will then be willing to listen. They then, will all be 'saved'.
But what they will have to endure during the Tribulation (7yrs) will be nothing short of a nightmare. SciFi won't even cover it. Christians then, will become martyrs for Christ, b/c the evil in the world will be so strong, (b/c God will have removed the Holy Spirit from it) they will be singled out, to be beheaded. Similar to what goes on today w/ISIS, who single out Christians & behead them, daily. 400 daily, die for Christ now. This time, however, it will be world wide.
Anyone at all, who follows the Anti Christ, who will proclaim to be God, Himself & bring temporary peace to Israel (3 1/2 yrs) out of an actual 7 yr. treaty that he will sign, but then break in half that time frame. He will demand to be worshiped. He will demand all to follow him. Those who don't, will suffer great consequences of torture & death. He will make $ obsolete (which has been happening right along) & anyone who wants to buy/sell/do business, will have to take a 'mark', in their forehead or wrist. All transactions will then be done w/the swipe of the wrist, as it's now done for anyone w/an Apple watch. That will be replaced by a microchip, about the size of a grain of rice. Already being used in our dogs & being strongly suggested for use in children & elderly.
What a good idea, huh?! Chip young kids so if they are stolen, they can be tracked down easily, as a dog w/a chip. B/C each chip will be tracked by satellite. The elderly, Alzheimer stricken, anyone who may wander off, all chipped for 'safety' reasons.
Sounds good to you, right? It will sound good to many. Already does. Once they have the health care system involved, they have you on your knees. All your info will be logged into that chip. AND they will always know where you are.
You think 'Big Daddy' is watching too much now? This is nothing! Child's play, compared to what's to come. And quite soon. The masses are already well 'primed' for it. The ignorant fools, who are clueless to the Word, will be lining up in droves to get their chips. No more need to carry money, or cards, or wear that Apple watch that can be stolen. No more ID theft. No more stolen children. No more missing people at all.
You will not be able to buy food, or anything, pay bills, nothing, w/o your chip. So that will promote a large problem for those who are not. It will become the ONLY way to buy & sell. All to control the masses, like cattle. Like Hitler did. Total control of his trapped people. This will be different, but on the same plane. Control. All about control.
And unfortunately, there will be another Holocaust of Jews, b/c they will be much hated, as Christians will be. Both, already are going down that tube. Or maybe, you hadn't noticed. Everyone will be wanting to be chipped! It's such a good plan! So easy too!
Well, not everyone. Not those who are wise enough to say 'no' & bind together w/others, who will also realize the HUGE consequences for following the Anti Christ. People will need to know farmers & befriend those who choose Christ, over the Anti Christ, so they will be able to eat. Many private home owners already do their own gardens & own chickens for eggs. Those people will be very desirable to those who don't take the chip. They will have no choice, but to stand together, to stay strong. You won't even be able to say Jesus, w/o being punished in a BIG way. Don't you 'see' the hate building toward Christians in the US now? It's already going on elsewhere & has been. More now in the US & at a rapid pace. God is being taken out/removed from everything people who don't believe in Him, can manage to remove Him from. But it's OK for Muslims to do their thing w/o consequence, in schools & workplaces. All OK. But not for God to be on the same elevated level. Familiar w/Common Core teachings? Educate yourself. All foretold, 2,000 yrs. ago. Get the chip; sell your soul to Satan. Black & white. Everyone will choose for themselves during that time. Just as they are now doing, during this time. God will not force Himself upon anyone. Never has. He gave us all Free Will to do what we want to w/it. He will not take that away. Anymore than He will take back the Blood of His Son, Jesus, for our salvation. It's in stone. And so we each choose what we want, for ourselves here, while we're still here. Much easier to choose Christ now, than it will be then. The suffering for it now, is nothing compared to what it will be then.
But, you don't have to believe me. Depending on your age, you can just sit back & wait to see it all, for yourself. Or, find out when you die off here & your last breath here, is followed by your first breath, elsewhere. God wrote it down, over 2,000 yrs. ago. Hundreds of Prophecies have come to pass, that are in His Word. We are living in them now, as well. How people can continue to turn their backs on it & even mock it, is beyond me. But, such will be the cost of chosen ignorance. It's very high. Personally, I'd much rather not be here for the last prophecies, that are still to come.
Hope you too, decide you'd rather miss out on them, as well. It's as simple as asking God, w/a contrite heart, to show you He & His Word, are real.

Every person reaches his own 'end time'. Every person. What's interesting is that it looks like many are reaching their own end times together now ! Make ready your eternal soul - that's the only thing you'll be taking with you to the other side. If you are ready, the love of your family and friends will be there with you. It starts in the here and now.

Watch! and pray! It's END TIMES. Jerusalem Third Temple also Begins!

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The pope ask for prayers for the persecution of christians. 

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