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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

AirAsia- first pictures released- plane wreckage under water

| World news | The Guardian

Hopes of finding AirAsia flight 8501’s black boxes were raised on Wednesday after divers and an unmanned underwater vehicle spotted the missing plane’s tail in the Java Sea, the first confirmed sighting of any major wreckage 11 days after it disappeared with 162 people on board.
Reader's comment:
What do all 3 Malaysian plane crashes have in common besides the fact that they all three suffered preventable tragedies in mysterious circumstances? Answer: They all 3 provided no radio contact before suffering their nefarious misfortune. That in itself is also unprecedented and provides room for theorizing that something more sinister is actually at hand. We are being told that MH-17 communicated for a course change right before it was shot down, but who is providing us with that info? The Dutch authorities working under a leader that already declared Russian president Putin shot down the plane before any investigation was conducted?
If one looks at the past year as a whole and the geo-political brinksmanship that is taking place, the US's 'Pivot To Asia", the incitement of the Ukrainian Crisis by the US and it's open support for Neo-Nazis in Kiev, Zbigniew Brezinskis "Grand Chessboard" strategy and all the obvious propaganda we are being served, we see that the US is making a play for control of the world and prevention of a multi-polar economic playing field. In other words, the dollar and that $18.5 trillion dollar debt 'house of cards' is in real danger of collapsing.
To understand the Malaysian aspect, one has to understand the ASEAN group of countries and how the US wants to control China. Pepe Escobar is a great read on this subject. Something the planes all have in common is that they are tied into the true leaders of the world. That .1 of 1% you never hear the news truly divulge the goings on of. Jacob Rothschild was involved with MH-370 as he has acquired the patent to the worlds smallest micro conductor after all the CEO's of Freescale Semi Conductor were pronounced dead.
Israel did have an exact copy of MH-370 and MH-17 in a hanger in Tel Aviv.
Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch and Dick Cheney did recently unite to buy up 160 square miles of illegally attained land in the Golan Heights that Syria rightfully claims. They plan to frack that land and sell $40 billion of natural gas to Europe.
Michael Bloomberg (one of the lead propagandists) has been hard at work in Bloombergs offices in Kuala Lampur denigrating Russia, Malaysia Airlines and China.
The theory goes that Israel has held a grudge against Malaysia and have attempted to use them to kill multiple birds with one stone (pun fully intended). We are talking about control of the world here and maintaining their vast dominion over all of us. They are trying to transfer Malaysia away from it's muslim leanings and into the British sphere of influence that has been part of the country for the past century.
They want to encircle and weaken China. They wanted to take Crimea and use it as a land based NATO aircraft carrier. They wanted to flip Syria and deny Russia both it's ports. They have failed in this regard. Their goal was to make Putin a pariah and weaken Europe and Russia at the same time, thereby ensuring enslavement through debt and market manipulation. The US/Saudi oil deluge was part of this, in exchange the US moved on Syria.
All of this is happening and those that understand geo-politics and finance can clearly see that it is an orchestrated effort on the part of US and EU vassal 'leaders' that work directly for that .1 of 1%. For if that ponzi scheme called the Federal Reserve starts to fall apart, they all stand to lose......and their are willing to kill 700 airline passengers and even you and I to maintain that status they have become so accustomed to.
The find is particularly important because the cockpit voice and flight data recorders, or black boxes, are located in the aircraft’s tail.
Smaller pieces of the plane, such as seats and an emergency door, had previously been collected from the surface.
“Today we successfully discovered the part of the plane that became the main aim since yesterday,” Soelistyo said. “I can ensure that this is part of the tail with theAirAsia mark on it.”
He stressed the top priority remained recovering further bodies along with the black boxes.

This handout image released by Indonesia's National Search And Rescue Agency (BASARNAS) on January 7, 2015 shows images believed to be of wreckage of ill-fated AirAsia flight QZ8501, photographed by divers working in the Java Sea.

AirAsia flight: first pictures released of plane wreckage under water | World news | The Guardian:

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