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Friday, July 19, 2013


Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2013 12:53 PM

This fellow may be onto something! It jives with what I saw and another Cherokee saw in vision in 1991/2.


On Thursday, July 18, 2013 7:43 AM, Words From the Father--Stephen Hanson wrote:


The floods have lifted up, O LORD, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves. Psalm 93:3

*I received this series of visions and words from the Lord while camping these past few days.
It was good to get away for a while. Even with some of the catastrophic things that our nation will
face in the future, we can be assured that those who put their faith and trust in the Most High,
will be safe. We will be affected by them, but God will see us through.

"Waters will flow as they come across the United States. Many cities will be flooded.
For as the waters flow they will overflow the banks of the rivers.

(I watched as I was shown a deep river and I knew it was the Mississippi River. The channel
of it went deeper and deeper. Huge cliffs were on either side. The rift in the earth caused
the river to go deeper into the rift. Homes, people, cars, and all kinds of debris were being
washed down the river.)

"The scales of justice have shown that you are found wanting--bloodshed and
civil war will be common place in your land.  The sounds of peace will not
be heard in your land."

"People will leave the cities on that day.   They will go out to the rural
areas. For there will be looting and violence in the cities. "

"The American flag will be torn and this land will be given a new identity."

(I was shown an eagle and the flag was draped across it, but it was torn
in half.)

(I saw the faces of two men. One had a chubby face and was from China.  The
other one was Russian. Both of the flags of their country were shown, and it was
as if they were communicating with each other in secret.  Plans were being made
in secret as they surmised the fate of the United States.)

(As I continued in prayer, the Spirit of the Lord showed me a very long rectangular tunnel.
It projected into the distance. Its walls, ceiling and floor were made of something very
solid and it was lit on the inside. People were traveling back and forth in this tunnel.
Then in the distance coming towards me was a figure all in white.  At first I thought it was
an angel, but as it came closer, I knew it was Jesus.  His face and clothing were all in white
and the entire tunnel structure was bathed in His brilliance.  Then with his right hand held
up, He said,

"Do not worry, for I will be with you.  For as the darkness approaches, my light will grow
all the stronger. So as all of those events come, know that I will always be with you. I esteem
the man who will endure to the end."

He then said,
"This is how my bride looks now----she's spoiled and she thinks she is rich, but she is poor."

(Here the Lord showed me what looked like a Southern Belle with her parasol.  She was young
in appearance, and seemed to think that she was beautiful and that everyone should be waiting
on here.)

"As the days get darker the enemy will try every secret he can."

(I saw a dark closed set of chamber doors like in an old castle. The doors slowly swung open, and
a dark figure stepped out beside one of the dark doors.)

"But be of good cheer. I have overcome the world and all of these things.  These things will come
but I will see my people through."

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