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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Collected interviews maintained at YouTube can be foundhere.

or here...

Radio Schedule

(Intervierws arePacific Coast USofA Time)

(past radio interview archives) here


Mel Fabregas - Veritas Show to be released on Friday November 5, 2010 recorded on Thursday, the 4th (caveat...this is assuming universe has no other plans for that day...)




Updated: October 7, 2010

Process and Practice - notes on the technique and how it works....

Because i get asked...taoist info at Tao bums - toasty taoists warned

In times of troubles...

an indeterminate series of articles

McCain's Death Camp

Q'oki-oki water trials one

Grandma, can you knit me a new fender for my car?

Apologies to George, and fuzzy stampedes

Q'oqi-oqi pictures here

Pissin' off the Pindar...


World War 3 is here.

We know it exists....

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the space aliens.

TimeCreep (why hyperchronism exists)

Time, Travel, Over Time, Gnawing PC

I was wrong about time travel, it is not possible…


C14, Pole Shift, Noodle Soup

It is not a matter of interpretation...

Tick...tick...tick. a chart too)

An open letter to the woo-jo, and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot.

In the martial arts...


In the hieroglyphic translations...


Time, Understanding, Manipulating..

Time is a label...


Loonies for dinner(8.02.2009)

Wealth Creation and the new Salish (6.21.2009)


ALTA Reports

Previous ALTA Report series

Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis

A discussion of the techniques employed in the production of the ALTA (Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis) reports is available here.

Contact HPH

send email:

moon at


Updated: October 7, 2010



The Shape of Things to Come (2010/2011) - Issue Seven

The Shape of Things to Come is available from the Buy Now button below. Or by sending a check for 10 US dollars to the address below and INCLUDING your emailaddress for delivery.

Current Issue: Volume Zero, Issue Seven is now available from the button below. It runs over 33/thirty pages in PDF format. This is delivered in ELECTRONICform ONLY. NO HARD COPIES are shipped by us. If you can not accept electronic delivery, this report is not for you.

It may be printed from the PDF but not copied. This issue covers from December 2010 through to July 2012 in some depth of exploration of the longer term values only!

A smaller report due to new format.

Not for children of any age.

Published: August 15, 2010


To purchase with a check or money order, send EMAIL address and check/mo for $10 payable to:


4305 Biscay St NW

Olympia WA 98502.

This is delivered in ELECTRONIC form ONLY. NO HARD COPIES are shipped by us.

Next publication date will be announced.

Bundle: All Previous Shape reports from Zero through Six (not including most recent, number Seven) delivered as a zip file download.

All previous Shape of Things to Come reports as a single purchase for $20 US dollars. Delivered electronically.


Bundle: All previous ALTA (forerunner to Shape reports) covering from 2005 through to 2009.

All delivered as a single ZIP file of 89 PDF files. Lots of reading here 26MB in size....probably do NOT want to try this on a phone download.

All ALTA reports as a single file for $100 US dollars. Delivered electronically as a download link.


The Web bot (ALTA)

disscussion forum is once again up and running. To register go to:

Note that HPH does not participate in, nor own, nor run, the discussion forum.

Pissin' off the Pindar...


Link to Sun Spot 2012 Cataclysm material

Link to Mega Sun Spot cycle material as a pdf file. Right click on the link, and choose 'save as'.

Sun Spot Article as PDF

an alternative explantion for 2012 (PDF File). Author held anonymous, but permission granted to disperse this material.

Right click and save to your computer - AlternativeHypothesis PDF File


Crop Glyph spinning program launched:

A commercially produced software program for spinning crop circles has been released by Formation Reseach. We have a beta version of this program and it kicksass in the crop swirlies area. It has 3/three directions of rotation, as well as superior image handling at all speeds. Better than our free version of the crop swirlies program. So if you have an interest in the crop swirlies, have a look at the first commercial version glyph spinning software from Formation Reseach

Urban Survival

Of course in times of chaos, answers are sought...and increasingly those answers are to be found at Created and run by novelista and goat herder, George Ure, the UrbanSurvival Daily Journal is *the* must read to start off the day.


Grow Dome - Pictures

This link takes you to a page of pictures of our self engineered grow dome and its 2009 vege crop. Pictures are updated infrequently as we have time. Such harvest season extenders are encouraged given the developing weather situation here on planet terra over these next chaotic years. Grow Dome page

Updated: October 7, 2010


Easily grow your own vegetables anywhere .

     Click here: Easy Victory Garden

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