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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Morgellons articles and Reports

Morgellons articles and Reports in Rense:
Well, it sure is a mysterious disease.
Two of my correspondents, Elena and Melissa, now tell me they are symptom free!
Hallelujah!  I do know that both of them did use the Natural Cellular Drops from Waiora among other things..
I have my Morgellons under control, but am not yet totally free.
Am determined, with God's help, to be healed.
Today is my 71rst birthday!  Life just keeps getting better!
Mayo Clinic: Morgellons Disease
Morgellons - Skin Lesions Are A Mystery

Morgellons - Patient Delusion Or Medical Confusion?

Morgellons History, Media Files & Research
Stunning Photographs #1
Stunning Photographs #2
New Morgellons Order
Morgellons Horror Pictures
Morgellons Group - Home
Morgellons - The Crime? Treason Against The Species
Morgellons Watch...Disinfo, Drugs And Destiny!
Morgellon's Is Biowarfare
Morgellons - This Is No 'Naturally-Evolving' Pathogen!
Morgellons - 'Delusions Of Parasitosis'
Morgellons Fiber Study Results 
Alien Lifeforms May Be Inside The Earth
Morgellons Mystery - Micro-Bugs Or ETs?
The Language Of Morgellons - Think Beyond The Box
Morgellons - The Disease Doctors Refuse To Treat
'Horrifying' Morgellons Ends Career Top Baseball Pitcher
Morgellons - Weird 'Alien' Bug Hits Thousands In US
Morgellons Fits Profile Of An ET Organism
Morgellons - Mysterious Ecto-Parasites
Fibers/Filaments In Meteorites From Mars - Morgellons?
Morgellons - Insect Vectors, Chemtrails, Paranoia Smearing
Morgellons Spreading Across Florida
OK State University, Tulsa Doctors Examine Unknown 'Fibers'
Morgellons Has Spread Worldwide
Stunning Photographs #1

Stunning Photographs #2
'Fiber Disease' Bizarre Truth Begins To Emerge
Diary Of A Morgellons Parasite Disease Sufferer
CDC Forming Morgellons Task Force
Is Cotton Involved In Morgellons Disease?
Is Morgellons Disease Caused By Chemtrail Spraying?
Morgellons - What We Do And Don't Know About The 'Fiber' Disease
The End Of The World Or...After The Horse Has Gone
Sufferers Describe Ghastly Symptoms Of Morgellons
Morgellons - Controversial Disease Doctors Refuse To Treat
The Smoking Gun For Morgellans Disease
Morgellans - The Mystery Disease From Hell Hits South Texas
Bottled Water Blamed For Rash With Fibers, Not Chemtrails

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