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Friday, December 09, 2005

ALERT: 5.2 Mag TURKEY NW Kargapazar 10/12/2005

ALERT: mb 5.2 TURKEY 16 km NW Kargapazar 10/12/2005 00:09 (UTC)
                  Centre Sismologique Euro-Mediterraneen                European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre                    Rapid Determination of Source Parameters             operated at LDG (Paris) and IGN (Madrid)    *********************************************************************  ***********************  ALERT  MESSAGE  ****************************  *********************************************************************    WARNING : These parameters are preliminary and subject to revision.  Location and magnitude estimations may be revised if necessary in   an  INFORMATION message.  _____________________________________________________________________        EARTHQUAKE on 10/12/2005 at 00:09 (UTC)  TURKEY                            16 km NW Kargapazar    MAGNITUDE: mb 5.2     Data provided by: BRA  BUC  GFZ  INGV LDG  LED  LJU  NEIC NEWS ODC                      OGS  SED  SKO  ZAMG                                   Latitude    =  39.44 N  Longitude   =  41.01 E  Origin Time =  00:09:48.5 (UTC)  Depth       =  10 Km  RMS         =   1.22 sec  Gap         =  81 degrees  95% confidence ellipse: - Semi major = 8.7 Km                          - Semi minor = 5.9 Km                          - Azimuth of major axis = 164 degrees    Number of data used = 232    Preliminary location computed on Sat Dec 10 00:34:29 2005 (UTC)  Done by Remy Bossu    Comments :    Message number: 631    All magnitudes estimations :  mb5.3 (BRA)   Ms4.7 (BUC)   mb5.1 (GFZ)   mb5.8 (INGV)    mb5.2 (LDG)   mb5.1 (LED)   mb5.2 (NEIC)  mb4.9 (NEWS)    mb4.7 (ODC)   mb5.5  (SED)   mb5.1 (SKO)   mb5.1 (ZAMG)      P.S.: For additional information, please contact EMSC at:               - Email: mazet[at]               - Web  : (maps available)  

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