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Saturday, March 19, 2005

The coming days... Spiralling in on us. Terri Schiavo saga is indicative of the Spiritual Battle between Good and Evil going on right now.



Behind the scenes in the Schiavo case is a spiritual dynamic that is of course totally ignored by the mainstream press -- which still hovers towards support for Terri's badly misguided husband and a judge who has indicated all but complete spiritual blindness.

Those are not assessments we like to make, and we won't judge the people themselves, but we will say that they have been at least deceived by the dark side. When we spoke to him recently, Terri's father expressed concern over an actual feeling of evil in the courtroom when motions are filed in this case, causing him to invoke the Archangel Michael. Let us note as we have so often that this is a classic case of how the devil tries to reverse the word "live" into "evil."

At least one prominent person on the side of removing Terri's tube has been reported to experience strange and radical personality shifts, and another to have a pronounced engagement with the New Age.

Meanwhile a lawyer who has fought to keep Terri alive, Pat Anderson, a strongly believing Christian, told Spirit Daily that she felt the spiritual resistance of evil and also the help of the Holy Spirit as she battled for more than three years in the case. It has been presided over by a judge who she said has ignored a mountain of evidence that should have given him pause in constantly ruling against Terri's parents, the Schindlers, who have fought so gallantly to keep their daughter -- severely disabled since 1990 -- from a painful death via removal of her feeding tube (all she needs to live).

Terri herself shows specific attention to a priest who regularly visits and reacts to prayer, witnesses have told us. She has also uttered words such as "mommy" and "help me."

Relics of Padre Pio and Mother Teresa of Calcutta have found their way into her hospice room, and the Blessed Sacrament is touched to this poor woman who seems to be a "victim soul" in the huge battle over life issues in the U.S.

Then there is the matter of Clearwater, Florida -- which, as the location of one hospice that Terri stayed in, and also the residence of her "husband," Michael, is interesting because it is also where a famous image of the Blessed Mother seemed to manifest in the reflection on an office building [see archives].

It was right around the corner where Terri was kept during the last close call, when the tubes were actually removed from Terri before the intervention of Governor Bush -- whose wife is devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe and who with her husband visited the shrine near Mexico City.

The Clearwater image uncannily resembles the image of Guadalupe (which is associated with pro-life issues) and was smashed by a disturbed young man just before the Schiavo case first burst into national prominence.

It was first spotted on December 17, 1996, by a woman customer at what was then the Seminole Finance Corporation Building. As one newspaper noted, the image, two floors high, glowed and shimmered, turning from green to blue, to red, and there was a distinct outline of a head, a hooded robe and most of a torso. Skeptics claimed it was caused by a reflection of the sun's rays bouncing off water left by sprinklers, but that hardly explained how its glow often increased at night -- although [see below] it went dark just before September 11.

The 1996 time frame is when the dispute between the Schindlers and Michael Schiavo intensified, and when dark suspicions arose concerning Terri's care. In 1998, Michael petitioned the court for removal of her feeding and hydration tubes. His lawyer is described by some as a "yoga guru" attorney with strong New Age tendencies.

Whether or not it bears relevance, Clearwater is also headquarters for the Church of Scientology -- which teaches "prosperity for the able," with obvious implications. "Many Florida politicians and government officials have an accommodative relationship with Scientology," claims one website, citing alleged attendance at a Scientology anniversary gala of "over 540 dignitaries and guests from throughout the Tampa Bay area" on January 18, 2003. The area is also home to headquarters for the Shriners, if that bears any relevance. The courthouse for the judge in the Schiavo case is right next to the Scientology headquarters.

Has this brushing up against anti-Catholic had a spiritual effect? And is Clearwater also not clearly a spiritual battleground, pitting traditional Catholics against the move toward euthanasia?

Here, in the state of hurricanes (or "hurucans," the Indian word for "evil wind"), is where the prayers are needed, and here -- not in the court, not in the state legislature, not even in the U.S. Congress -- is where, in coming days, the real battle will be lost or won.

Left to right, day (8/5/01), during typical dark (2/5/02) and, right, September 5, 2001
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  1. What is evil? If I were in T.S. position, and you were using me as a pawn in your right to life campaign, and ignoring my desires, then you would be evil. That's the word and that's what you are doing.

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I have my opions about Schiavo. Read them if you wish at

  3. Thank you for stepping up and stating the obvious. Too bad we have drifted so far from our faith that we can no longer see it. When I was young I often wondered how the anti Christ could ever rise to power. People were just too smart and would see through his veiled attempt at god hood. But today I see many people falling for the lies of evil. Unfortunately it is the majority who believe the evil.

  4. doc nos, Are you too much into this world to recognize evil? If so then you are already lost. Murder is one manifestation of evil. And no mater how you slice it and cover it with honey what is being done to Terri right now is murder. Whether legal or not it is murder. I truly feel sorry for you doc nos.


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