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Friday, February 18, 2005

CIVIL LAWSUITS FOREVER in Store for Michael Schiavo

If everyone remembers the O. J. Simpson case, the prosecutors were unable to get a conviction for criminal charges, because the jury was not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt, but he was found guilty of wrongful death (murder) in a civil lawsuit by the parents. It cost him a fortune to fight in these cases and his reputation is still ruined. No doubt he has nightmares and ongoing psychological problems, recurring bills for therapy, etc. as will Michael Schiavo. It will never end, and never get better for Michael Schiavo - only worse. He thinks he has problems now?

The standard of proof in civil suits is lower and needs to be proven only by a preponderance of evidence. Plus all the proceedings so far have been before one very biased man, Judge Greer. The outcome will be very different when this case is presented before a jury.
There are numerous red flag issues here that will be fodder for civil lawsuits for many years to come.

The Schindler family can file a civil lawsuit against Michael Schiavo for wrongful death, the doctors, involved for malpractice, Judge Greer for malfeasance, and the state of Florida (Department of Children and Families) for failure to protect the life of a disabled person, including doctors who examined Terri and found her condition of rigid neck, and then the injuries shown on the bone scan. They did not notify authorities of a "possible" abuse situation. This is malpractice. These lawsuits will give them access to all records and documentation. A private investigator can be hired (if one is not already working on this) to search for witnesses (such as neighbors, friends, hospital workers or coworkers) that could provide testimony regarding any prior abuse situations. The investigator also will find proof of collusion and conspiracy between certain doctors who claimed Terri is in a PVS, the hospice, George Felos and Judge Greer. If proof is covered up, if records are destroyed, these will come out. If there is a link showing Judge Greer was prejudiced and had conflicts of interest that should have made him recuse himself, then he liable. He will be removed from the bench.

All will come out. These are the times for ultimate exposure. It will never, ever end and never, ever get better for Michael Schiavo in any way - only worse. His problems are just beginning. Just wait - It will be a very interesting show.

Dee Rohe

Stay in your heart. Regardless of what happens, stay in your heart.

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