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Thursday, February 06, 2020

Cassandra Fox Belly Dance

This is NOT EASY!  :-)

June 18, 2019 · 
I get comments and questions about my body daily. It is exasperating. I also get questions from others wondering if their body is okay for dance.

 "What is the best body type for bellydance? Can I still do this if my body is *insert trait here*? "It's because of her body type why it looks so good". 

Well, I admit it. You DO need a particular body to bellydance. 

You need a body that wants to move. That when it hears music it can't help itself and finds itself following that song, unable to resist. You need a body that you own, that you admire, that you cherish. A body that is all yours, that you don't take for granted. A body that you accept as it is in each moment because dance happens in the moment. The dance is not waiting for or looking for your perfect body. Its waiting for you to move yourself. You need a body that shows up. That keeps practicing when it doesn't see immediate progress. That doesn't stop because it is getting bored or hard. You need a body that keeps trying, that has a work ethic & a sense of play. You need a body with a slick skin, so that the words and opinions of others roll off it. You need thick skin so that the judgements that will be placed upon it endlessly will not be absorbed into your bloodstream where they can poison you. You need a body with a mind so inquisitive that it compels you to seek to know the history, culture, music, people, & theory behind dance. You need a body with a mind that thinks carefully about the words it chooses to describe itself and others. You need a body with a heart that believes in what you are doing & why you are doing it so that when others question it you remain unwavered, & you keep forging your path. You need a body that has a song in its heart. You need a body with a spirit so strong that it can call to others & whisper to them what they didn't even realize they needed to hear. A spirit that lifts others when it rises, & lends a hand when others stumble. All you need to dance is YOUR body. ❤๐Ÿ’ƒ❤ If you want to learn to dance with me & support my work you can find my online dance tutorials on my patreon

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