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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Preventing Brain Aging and Disease


"HGH & IGF-1 Preventing Brain Aging and Disease
One of the spectacularly exciting uses of HGH and IGF-1 may be to prevent and treat the effects of brain aging. In an experiment that has momentous implications for brain injury, stroke, aging, and neurodegenerative disease, a team of scientists in New Zealand showed that HGH & IGF-1 can stop the death of cells in the brain."

Very good!  Now, in combination with SomaLife's IQ 150,ith its added ingredient, Cognizin, think what a powerful arsenal we have against one of the the worst aspects of aging - dementia, alzheimer's, etc.  These will also help younger people who have learning disorders, ADD, ADHD, brain injuries, stroke, addictions, etc.

Roy and I are honored to be involved with these beneficial discoveries and be able to distribute them. 


SomaLife means Anti-Aging - getting "younger"
as you get older. 
And for the already young, it means Fitness.

100% guaranteed - try for 3 months. It works.

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