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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A lot of people don't know what is going on..

From a friend:

Yes, I would believe that alot of people don't know what is going on in N. Orleans, sad, no? This country sure got hit where it hurts, in the pocketbook. I suspect that in the months to come we are going to see rioting and all sorts of ugly things taking place..over food, water and gas.

Last summer, (middle of July) I was recovering from a surgery and was spending most of my days laying on the sofa, sleeping. Anyhow, to what happened. I had a nightmare dream about gas shortages, and abandonded luxury cars, SUV's, trucks, etc all collecting dust and rust. People could not get fuel for their vehicles, it got to the point that gas was rationed, Nat'l Guard troops stood duty at gas stations, it was difficult if not impossible to get even 1 gallon without going through red tape and interrogation at the gas stations. People were reduced to riding on bicycles, a luxury vehicle was maybe a mo-ped. A lot of highways were impassable, covered in sand and debris, water levels were rising all along the S. E. U.S, also beautiful homes were abandoned. Lots of people were migrating west, on foot, carrying as much as they could. Well, I woke from that dream and decided I must be nuts and needing vitamins in my system. ?? Maybe it wasn't a lack of vitamins afterall. Now I will move onto last Monday (a week ago Monday) I dreamed (in the middle of the night) that creeks, lakes, and rivers were filling up with water and it became dangerous to drive on the roads. It started raining, then the rain increased and the creeks and rivers over ran their banks, then the wind started blowing and water was blowing onto the roads, soon, the waves of water coming off the rivers and creeks were like waves from the ocean, it got worse and worse until the waves coming off the creeks and rivers were so huge that they were swallowing up cars and trucks and some vehicles were grabbed by the waves and pulled into the water and were submerged with people in them. All the while, people that were on higher ground were watching this in shock. (I dreamed this before Katrina ever became a hurricane, before it even struck Forida) when I awoke from this dream, I went into prayer, it seemed like more than a dream, it was too real. Here we are more than a week later, and I am so grieved by this. I do have proof of both dreams, the one from last summer (I told Lynn all about it) and the one from last Monday, I told some intercessors, plus my son.
Yes, you may share this.

To: (joe frosty)
Subject: RE: - News
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 10:59:53 -0500
just got through talking to LeeAnne in Southaven......
1......stations around them OUTTA GAS!!!
2.......ya wouldn't believe the folks that
don't realize what is going on in New Orleans!!!

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