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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Do Not Get Caught Up In The Signs

 More Earth Changes messages..
This from Susan Cummings..
From: Sheba11
Date: 05/17/05 18:49:24
Subject: [His-Sheep] Fw: Do Not Get Caught Up In The Signs Of My Coming
Do Not Get Caught Up In The Signs Of My Coming
Do not get caught up in the signs of My Coming. Disentangle yourself
from the cares and the weights that others put upon you. Do not be
concerned for the changes that will take place, for I have already told
you what would come in My Word. You already have the facts before you.
What you need is to get before Me, and allow Me to prepare you for those
changes. So many of My Children are running to and fro, racing to find
the latest fact, when they cannot see beyond their own limitations. Men
will never figure out all that I will do, no matter how much they run,
how much they inquire, or how much they dig. The only place to be is
before Me.
I am moving in the earth. The earth is responding to My movings. Men are
running and seeking to find out why the earth travails, and do not have
sense to realize that it is Me moving in the earth. I am the God of all
things. I created everything, and use all things for My Purposes. Men
have defiled My Creation through sin, rebelliousness, and negligence,
and now Creation travails to be released from it�s bondages.
I have warned My people to come to Me. I have done all that I am going
to do to warn the generations. I have warned enough, and still many will
not receive Me. So the shakings will show forth more of what I am doing.
Justice responds to injustice. The seeds have come to fruition and will
reap after their own kind. The reaping season has already begun.
The separation will continue till Mine are thoroughly purged and
removed. All that is not Mine will be given to it�s master. For the
reaping is overtaking the sowing and what is not Holy is now remaining
unclean. The shifting is only the beginning of the travails. The
travails have only begun, and men already run. What will you do when I
fully come?
The shifts must take place for the complete separation to be fulfilled.
That which is destined for the Throne is ascending, and that which is
destined for the pit is descending. Each after it�s own course. Natural
events show forth what I am doing in the Spirit. Those who have eyes to
see, will see. Those who have rejected the Truth, will not.
Do not get caught up in the Signs of My Coming. But be found in My
House. Be found with oil in your lamp and found watching at My Gates. Be
found faithful until the end.
-Susan Cummings
4:09 pm

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